2019 April

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April’s favorite finds


“I just finished reading Every Day is for the Thief by Teju Cole, which is a novel told through the perspective of a young man that returns to Lagos after living in New York for 15 years. The idea of returning to a home that feels unfamiliar really resonated with me. The book also includes beautiful photos by Teju Cole interspersed throughout. Reading this book was a very meditative experience. Other favorites include Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Swing Time by Zadie Smith, Hot Milk by Deborah Levy, and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.” - JOCELYN TSAIH

“The last book I read was The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin. I usually read essays and articles, but my favorite books are:
House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, The McMaster Catalog, Earth Matters by Karen E. Milbourne, The River Between by Ngugi Wa Thiong'o, The Stranger by Albert Camus” - TAHIR CARL KARMALI

“The last thing I read was Anthony Bourdain's first book Kitchen Confidential. As a huge fan of his for the past decade or so, I was really interested to hear how it all started for him. Somehow, even though the book is almost 20 years old, it still feels incredibly fresh and relevant.” - ADRIAN VIENI


“I love Noughts and Crosses, just as it was very revolutionary as a novel growing up, it tackled race and class and it was just so different to see those themes in a young persons novel. “ - YIIGAA

Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson - a new friend of mine gifted me this after we both completed a self development and learning course. A really beautiful, short fable on changes in life. It was one I read over a few times before moving to Copenhagen from Sydney.” - OLIVIA CHYLINSKI

“I'm reading the Bardo Thodol which is known as the Tibetan book of the dead. But don't be fooled by the strong title is more fun and hopefully helpful than you might think. And afterall, wanting or not, sooner or later... My all time best could be C. G. Jung autobiography, where the father of psychoanalysis narrates his incredible discoveries during life and defines his legacy. Mind boggling at least.” - LUCA TOMBOLINI

“I recently finished The Society of Singularities - On the Structural Transformation of Modernity by Andreas Reckwitz - a sociological study about our post-modern society and how it praises individuality and pseudo-authenticity. “ - CHRISTOPH ZOUBEK

Strange Design, From objects to behaviours (2015), Design as an Attitude by Alice Rawsthorn (2018), Design as Art by Bruno Munari (1966), Jahresring 64 - What is Different? by Wolfgang Tillmans (2018)” - MARLENE HUISSOUD

Rebel Without a Crew by Robert Rodriguez. It's Robert's journey that starts with him making money as a human guinea pig in labs to fund his film "El Mariachi", a film which he did with only seven thousand dollars, a borrowed crappy camera, and a few friends as actors. It's funny reading and very very inspirational.” - DIEGO FABRO

“Obviously I have a huge collection of children’s books and I suggest all adults to read a good fairytale once in a while. At the moment I am very drawn towards children’s books that are interactive in a way that the child participate throughout the reading. When I read the book ‘Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus’ I thought it to be a real funny and genius piece of work. I am a great fan of all the books by Hervè Tullet.” - LUCIA GAGGIOTTI

“The last book I discovered is ‘Homo Sapienne’ from Niviaq Korneliussen. This book is about the current Greenlandic society far from the stereotypes of «The Great North». It is a very interesting book in which we discover the life of 5 young adults in the capital of Greenland Nuuk.” - CAMILLE MICHEL

'“The latest book I discovered (well really more of a short story) was The Damned Human Race by Mark Twain. My favorite book of all time is probably The 48 Laws of Power.” - ALEX CADE

“I did recently stumble upon James Clear's book, Atomic Habits, and have absolutely loved digging into it. He makes change seem tangible, and it's one of those reads that I go back to my journal to unpack after each chapter. “ - TAYLOR O. THOMAS

“Right now I'm reading Becoming Supernatural written by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I love books about astrology such as Relationships & Life Cycles.” - ALJA HORVAT

Real England: The Battle Against the Bland by Paul Kingsnorth is my current read, it talks about the globalisation of England and the previous, current and future status of English culture and what is happening to its relationship to the rest of the world. It goes on about pubs a bit too much for me but there is definitely interesting conversations in there.” - SIMON MARTIN

“My last one was the classic The Picture of Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde. I really enjoyed Freedom from Jonathan Franzen, and I'm a big fan of the beat generation, so books like Howl (Allen Ginsberg), On the Road (Jack Kerouac) or Junkie (William S. Burroughs) will be always on my lists.” - FÁBIO MIGUEL ROQUE



“The most blogs I visit is probably KEXP, Complex, My SoundCloud ;), Respect My Region. “ - ALEX CADE

American Suburb X, BJP, Vogue Italia, GUP Magazine, Dazed & Confused, i-D, Youtube” - OWEN HARVEY

“I have always been a fan of Hypebeast and Highsnobiety for everything pop culture, style, and music. Vulture for TV/Movie news. I also frequent Nowness and Boooooooom for inspiration and to see what new art is making waves. Feature Shoot is also a great source for photography that I find very inspiring. Otherwise, i spend an unhealthy amount of time on instagram.” - ADRIAN VIENI

It's Nice That, Juxtapoz, Sight Unseen, booooooom” - JOCELYN TSAIH

Aint Bad Magazine is my most frequented blog but Velvet Eyes is another one that I find myself visiting more and more, they are both photography blogs focusing on people working with contemporary photography.” - SIMON MARTIN

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, The Guardian, Spiegel, Pitchfork” - CHRISTOPH ZOUBEK

Collector Daily - There's a lot of venues for photographic work on the web, but almost none that give honest criticism and deeper analysis on photo work, exhibitions, and photobooks. Collector Daily is pretty unique.” - DIEGO FABRO

The White Pube, Darebee, New York Foundation for the Arts, Opportunities Listings, Jamie Oliver, New York Times Cooking” - TAHIR CARL KARMALI

“Blogs/online platforms that I love include Hyperallergic, Gorky's Granddaughter, The Brooklyn Rail and Ponder Effect (a beautiful space for quite literally "pondering" with others, created by my high school English teacher).” - TAYLOR O. THOMAS

Artsy, The Guardian, Le Monde, Dezeen, Freunde von Freunden, Wired, The New York Times, Frieze Magazine” - MARLENE HUISSOUD



MUBI to watch films on my commute to jobs, I have always had a love for moving image and would think my work takes a lot of influence from that.” - SIMON MARTIN

Snapchat - yes, still. I actually do most of the daily communication with my girlfriend - who lives some distance away in Austria - via Snapchat
MassiveDevChart - the most useful app when developing your own film” - CHRISTOPH ZOUBEK

VSCOCam - more for editing brightness, contrast and sharpening in one go. I also love the feed and sometimes plan my Instagram gallery like this, however have been doing that a little less lately and just going with the flow!” - OLIVIA CHYLINSKI

“I also use Overcast app for podcasts. For photography, I use the CamRanger app to control the camera remotely. That enables me to shoot self-portraits, but it also offers many technical advantages for architectural and staged photography. LightTrac is a good app to check what the direction of the sunlight will be at any time of the day.” - DIEGO FABRO

Yelp - because I like going to cheap restaurants” - TAHIR CARL KARMALI

“I have a Robovac and smart scales which both have apps so I use them often to clean my home and keep track of my weight, BMI, bone mass etc. I really love Shazam too for letting me know the name of music I hear around me and then just everyday task apps like my banking app and Gmail app.” - MICHAEL PYBUS





Assume Form by James Blake, I've been playing that pretty much back to back for the last couple of weeks.” - OWEN HARVEY

For A Reason by Alex Cade (be ready for a journey.), Ctrl by SZA, There You Have It by Reason” - ALEX CADE

“Coieda by Takagi Masakatsu. New Flat, Light Song, the OST from Wolf Children are some of my favourites, but anything composed by him is great!
I had his music on when I created a lot of my initial GIFs on my blog 'Over The Moon'. I personally feel it contributed to a lot of the moody atmosphere in my pieces.” - NANCY LIANG

“The last one from Kamasi Washington is just amazing. But the new one from Beirut is also very good.” - FÁBIO MIGUEL ROQUE

“Recently I've been listening to a lot of Trip-Hop and Jazz. They are the only genres of music that seem to flow well while editing images and doing research, everything else seems to take my attention away. Trip-Hop and Jazz flow pretty smoothly. Some recent ones: Five Finger Discount by Savages,, Soul Food by Kognitif, Journey into Abstract Hip Hop by Gasoline, The Iron Horse by The Sound Defects…….” - DIEGO FABRO

Dancehall by The Blaze, Outer Peace by Toro y Moi, Time Spent Away From You by DJ Seinfeld, All Melody by Nils Frahm, Lovers I / Lovers II by Rei Brown, Agua Congas by Paula Tape, EP2 by Yaeji, Once by Peggy Gou” - JOCELYN TSAIH

“The latest from Foals Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost has been a go-to recently, as well as Assume Form by James Blake, Superclean vol II by The Marias and Joy as an Act of Resistance by Idles. Otherwise, there is always some Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, and Motown classics in rotation.” - ADRIAN VIENI

The Wilderness by Explosions in the Sky, Alchemy by Willaris K., All Melody by Nils Frahm, Singularity by Jon Hopkins, Rave Tapes by Mogwai” - TAHIR CARL KARMALI


The Desert Sessions Vol. I & II by Desert Sessions, Juturna by Circa Survive, Everest by Girls in Hawaii, Salvation is a Deep Dark Well by The Builders and the Butchers, Catartica by Marlene Kuntz, Love Is Worth It by Silent Drive, Above by Mad Season” - LUCA TOMBOLINI

“I'm not sure about one album, but I have a favorite musician. I really like all of his projects - he is Jack White.” - FYODOR TELKOV

Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails (1989), The Immaculate Collection by Madonna (1990), Music for the Jilted Generation by The Prodigy (1994), The Hackers Soundtrack (1995), Becoming X by Sneaker Pimps (1996), The Craft Soundtrack (1996), Fight Club Score (1999), OK Computer by Radiohead (1999), Psyence Fiction by Unkle (1998), Music Has The Right To Children by Boards of Canada (1998), Disco-Tech - Gatecrasher (2001), Arrhythmia by Antipop Consortium (2002), Spokes by Plaid (2003), Chosen Lords by Aphex Twin (2006), Darkbloom by Grimes (2011)” - MICHAEL PYBUS

“Up until recently, I hadn't listened to Mumford & Sons in years, but their recent album, Delta, is solid. I'm also a sucker for the harmonies involved in Birdtalker's recent album, One.” - TAYLOR O. THOMAS

“I listen to music in a disorderly way, in the last period I discovered Paolo Tarsi and Caterina Barbieri.” - MICHELE VITTORI

The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars by David Bowie, The Velvet Underground & Nico by The Velvet Underground, Take It from the Man! by The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Fever Ray by Fever Ray, Berlin by Lou Reed, Central Belters by Mogwai, Aventine by Agnes Obel, Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Ros” - CAMILLE MICHEL

Con Todo el Mundo by Khruangbin, Once by Peggy Gou, Immunity by Jon Hopkins, EP2 by Yaeji” - MARLENE HUISSOUD

Yankee Hotel Foxtrott by Wilco, White Album (2018 Remaster) by The Beatles, If You're Feeling Sinister by Belle & Sebastian, Odessey & Oracle by The Zombies, In Rainbows by Radiohead” - CHRISTOPH ZOUBEK



Aïlo: Une odyssée en Laponie: It’s a french movie about a baby reindeer, a tale in Lapland. No, I’m not ashamed haha” - CAMILLE MICHEL

The Favourite was a big one for me this past year, as well as Roma, Blackkklansman and Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse. But hands down my favourite movie I've seen in ages was Good Time. It was really tense, grinding, and moving, and had incredible performances from Robert Pattinson and the director/co-star Benny Safdie.” - ADRIAN VIENI

Wong Kar Wai and Christopher Doyle working together are pretty close to perfection on Fallen Angles, In the Mood for Love and Chungking Express. Also, You the Living or any film by Roy AndersonPaolo Sorrentino's The Great Beauty is quite magical. These are my favorites films and directors, but I wouldn't say they are recent fresh findings. I'm very open to recommendations!” - DIEGO FABRO

“I love the Coen Brothers movies, especially Big Lebowski, Fargo and No Country For Old Men and the visual storytelling of Wes Anderson. Apart from that and my fav classics (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Naked Gun) I like the stories that Éric Rohmer and Woody Allen tell “ - CHRISTOPH ZOUBEK

“The film I most recently saw in theaters was Shallow, and the emotions that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper left me with will certainly hold me over until my next movie outing!” - TAYLOR O. THOMAS

“I recently watched Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda, a documentary about the prolific composer and his career. I highly recommend it. Some other movies I love are Moonlight, Call Me by Your Name, Blue is the Warmest Color, Paprika, The Truman Show, Blade Runner, and Her. “ - JOCELYN TSAIH

Paris Is Burning (1990) I always had hopes of being a big star. But as you get older, you aim a little lower. Everybody wants to make an impression, some mark upon the world. Then you think, you've made a mark on the world if you just get through it, and a few people remember your name. Then you've left a mark. You don't have to bend the whole world. I think it's better to just enjoy it. Pay your dues, and just enjoy it. If you shoot a arrow and it goes real high, hooray for you.’ - MICHAEL PYBUS

Paris is burning (1990), No country for Old Men (2007), Ghost Dog (1999), Pulp Fiction (1994), Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present (2012), Oldboy (2003), Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)” - MARLENE HUISSOUD

“I love the cinema of Wim Wenders and the Coen brothers, Paris, Texas and Fargo are great films. I recently saw many TV series, The End of the F***ing World, Black Mirror and Stranger Things. The last film seen is Dogman by Matteo Garrone.” - MICHELE VITTORI

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - a unique film with a beautiful and quirky story (the title gives you a hint) and that most definitely caught my eye.” - OLIVIA CHYLINSKI

Kiki's Delivery Service by Hayao Miyazaki is my all time favourite - I'll love to be like Ursula and live in a quaint little cabin in the woods, paint all day and make friends with crows!” - NANCY LIANG

“I have too many, in terms of one day what I want to make, I love gritty British film, one that always sticks in my mind is Kidulthood. It was one of the first films of its kind that focused on Youth in London mood areas that film hasn’t really focused on before, including young some non. professional actors of ethnic minorities or working class backgrounds in a school that was in rough area and how everyone was effected. Although it may not of been completely accurate, and there may be themes that are problematic, I feel like it was a stepping stone for things like Top Boy now, and inspires something that I definitely want to create in the future , something honest and real focusing on youth London mood but love, giving a voice to People. “ - YIIGAA

The Wasted Times - Cheng Er (a hallucinaton disguised as a gangster story)” - LUCA TOMBOLINI

Holy Mountain (Alejandro Jodorowsky), Sorry to Bother You, Eva Hesse Documentary, Requiem for a Dream, Kung Fu Panda 2, Trouble Makers, We Come As Friends, Stories of our Lives (Jim Chuchu/The Nest)” - TAHIR CARL KARMALI

“Anything that Yorgos Lanthimos has done. He's the best director out there at the moment, in my opinion.“ - OWEN HARVEY

“Perhaps the Nymphomaniac from Lars von Trier had the most powerful impression on me.” - FYODOR TELKOV



“I love crime dramas! And documentaries, but I always end up scaring myself when I watch too many! There is a really good website called Documentary Heaven which is amazing for finding so many different types of documentaries and there is literally like 20 categories!!” - YIIGAA

Barry, High Maintenance and Atlanta. TV is really having a moment lately.” - ADRIAN VIENI

“We've been watching Ozark and just finished La Casa De Papel (a bit late to the game, but nonetheless it was brilliant).“ - OLIVIA CHYLINSKI

Sex Education on Netflix is so good! I think my neighbors can hear me obnoxiously laughing out loud when I'm watching it. You can never go wrong with The Office. Terrace House for some light-hearted Japanese reality TV drama (very mild drama, which I prefer).” - JOCELYN TSAIH

“I don't tend to watch much TV. The only thing sometimes I watch to help turn my brain off is a programme called First Dates.” - OWEN HARVEY

Hardtalk, Legion on FX, Strangers With Candy, Insecure, Summer Camp Island, The Act, Ramy, Fleabag” - TAHIR CARL KARMALI

“Just started Our Planet last night, cant quite beat it.” - SIMON MARTIN

“Netflix's The OA and Atypical, Schitt's Creek, The Good Doctor, Good Girls, and (admittedly) any season of The Real Housewives that I can find on Hulu.” - TAYLOR O. THOMAS

“Kind of hard not having a tv... and not watching tv series. But yes sometimes I indulge on The grand tour on Amazon prime. And every BBC planet whatever documentary when available. “ - LUCA TOMBOLINI



“There is so many! I feel like women are really fighting there corner to be valued in the industry and the work that is being created is amazing. I really admire Young M.A. as a women of colour coming up in the rap scene she’s so talented and different, koffee is also like a breathe of fresh air. Mahalia has an amazing unique voice also , I’m loving seeing women of colour doing there thing and shining !! “ - YIIGAA

“Speaking from a painting perspective, I've really admired Charline von Heyl, Amy Sillman, and Dana Schutz in recent years.” - TAYLOR O. THOMAS

“There are so many, the ones that come to mind right now: Christopher Doyle, Naomi Okubo, Anna Park, Alvaro Naddeo, Laura Callaghan, Erwin Olaf, Stan Douglas.
Local young Dublin artists: Andrew J Barret, Niamh Hannaford” - DIEGO FABRO

“My favorite of all times is the portuguese Paulo Nozolino, and I think it always be. But there are others, Robert Frank, Antoine D'Agata, Takuma Nakahira, Daido Moriyama, Alec Soth, J H Engstrom, Trent Parke, it's really a long list to go through...” - FÁBIO MIGUEL ROQUE

Ines Longevial, Coco Davez, David Hockney and Alex Katz “ - ALJA HORVAT

“The work of artists who use the mediums of colour and light in combination have resonated and influenced me the most, These works have had a direct effect on the scale, ambition and form of my work. Robert Irwin, Dan Flavin, James Turrell, Carlos Cruz-Diez, David Batchelor, Ann Veronica Janssens, Anthony McCall and Olafur Eliasson; these are just a few of the artists who particularly inspire me. Of all the artists, for me J. M. W. Turner remains the father of light art.” - LIZ WEST

Olafur Elliasson, Neri Oxman, Yayoi Kusama, Wolfgang Tillmans, Formafantasma, Julian Charrière “ - MARLENE HUISSOUD

Ken Done. When I was about 5 my parents introduced me to Ken's artwork through buying an entire clothing line for our family in the one print. Yes, we are talking about matching tops, pants, scrunchies, swim caps and beach bags. We have a brilliant photo too! I've always loved the fun, thick brush strokes, generous colour and bold illustrations of Sydney that Ken does. He will always be a favourite. “ - OLIVIA CHYLINSKI

Lucia Hierro, Sanford Biggers, Kenya (Robinson), Jackie Karuti, Ibrahim Mahama, El Anatsui, Yeni Mao, Allison Janae Hamilton, Mona Hatoum, Teresa Margolles, Agnes Denes” - TAHIR CARL KARMALI

“There are many interesting authors from Alec Soth to Wolfgang Tillmans. Recently I follow with interest the work of Matthew Genitempo, Bryan Schutmaat and Charlie Rubin.” - MICHELE VITTORI

Spike Jonze will always be a favourite filmmaker of mine for his inventiveness, as well as more recently Denis Villeneuve for his ability to create tense, gripping, captivating films. Mark Romanek has always been a director I have admired as well, both for his work and how he uses his voice and speaks his mind.” - ADRIAN VIENI

David Shrigley, Geoff McFetridge, Hilda Palafox, Liana Finck, Charlotte Ager, Michael Dumontier, and many many more. “ - JOCELYN TSAIH



@jemima.aldridge (founder of @saddlerandco, reminding me of Australia and how it will always be my home. The craftsmanship of her beautiful leather goods have my heart!)” - OLIVIA CHYLINSKI

“On instagram I follow some artists, photographers, musicians, magazines, family and friends specially from Greenland: @lucasfogliaphoto, @arni_coraldo, @jacobauesobolnew, @littlebrownmushroom, @briceportolano_, @tiinaitkonen, @matthieutordeur, @kiliiiyuyan, @wesetthesails, @lesothers” - CAMILLE MICHEL

“I’ve really got into body positivity recently and have started following some amazing accounts. @Sonnyturner is great and @tabriamajors. By following different types of women different types of bodies it starts to change the way your Instagram looks and comes more like the world outside it, rather than this idealistic one shaped body that everyone should supposedly have. “ - YIIGAA

@jasondecairestaylor, @seashepherd, @gangculture, @martinparrstudio, @awoiska_vdm, @avaaz_org “ - LUCA TOMBOLINI

“Gahhly, there are way too many artists and galleries to list! A few favorites include friends, acquaintances, exhibition spaces, online art platforms, and personal infatuations:
@yngspc, @the.c.a.d, @archdigest, @the.dot.project, @jerrysaltz, @maakemag, @___mrs.___, @theholenyc, @weaver_grace, @sam_jablon, @lylesandking, @deligrocerynewyork, @cristina_banban, @jake_troyli, @katherinebradford, @artdrunk, @racheluffnergallery, @art21, @as_artjournal, @mott_projects, @designmilk, @gina_beavers, @gillian_theobald, @ej_hauser, @brooklynrail” - TAYLOR O. THOMAS

“I like the works of my fellow analog photographers @anna.foersterling, @lsmartphoto and @purienne_ “ - CHRISTOPH ZOUBEK

Molly Egan, Kelly Knaga, Emma Larsson, Anja Firing Gravningsmyr” - LUCIA GAGGIOTTI

“I follow people mostly on Instagram. People I admire and friends. I’m not the most active person on liking, scrolling, watching but I appreciate to follow the path of an artist or someone I love, just to cite a few: @gretathunberg, @jerrysaltz, @glenn_adamson, @formafantasma, @studioolafureliasson, @studio_swine, @nick_knight” - MARLENE HUISSOUD

@thewhitepube, @braininthefrontseat, @art21savage, @slashartsf, @work2day, @whos____who” - TAHIR CARL KARMALI



“I love FRAME magazine in-particular. I am very fortunate to receive lots of art/design/architecture magazines from around the world, it would be hard to name them all.” - LIZ WEST


“I don't buy magazines or newspapers very regularly, but I like The British Journal of Photography, Source Magazine, Foam Magazine, The Gentlewoman, Fantastic Man, Hi-Fructose among some others. There's a magazine Junior Magazine created by two photographers in Dublin that is pretty cool and help to promote local photographers.” - DIEGO FABRO

“I'm also collecting vintage copies of German magazine Twen (1950s - 1960s) which featured groundbreaking photography, layout and progressive contents” - CHRISTOPH ZOUBEK

“I'll always flip through a Juxtapoz issue whenever I come across one.” - JOCELYN TSAIH

“The one magazine I subscribe to and read regularly is Artforum. I'll scroll through the NYTimes or Art in America online, but Artforum is like a little treat that I look forward to receiving each month. Years ago I decided to invest in the printed subscription, and now I have an absurd collection that I can't seem to toss.” - TAYLOR O. THOMAS

GQ, XXL, My social media Timeline lol. “ - ALEX CADE

“I'm a bit of a gear head so I would be lying if I didn't say I read Practical Classics and Octane a lot but BJP is usually my go to on occasion.” - SIMON MARTIN

RUM Magazine mostly when the International Edition comes out. I also enjoy the odd Gourmet Traveller issue when I'm back home in Sydney. I always pick up a copy when I'm there for summer inspiration and a burst of colour. “ - OLIVIA CHYLINSKI

“The magazines that I follow with more regularity are Doppiozero, Artribune and Internazionale.” - MICHELE VITTORI

“I read American Cinematographer regularly, mostly because it keeps coming to my house. I don't even know if I still have a subscription, but it seems to juts show up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. “ - ADRIAN VIENI

Le Monde, Libération, Géo” - CAMILLE MICHEL



Magic Hour is an incredible podcast that I find my self revisiting even when theres not a new episode, it features some of the most important photographers of the last 50 years in conversation.” - SIMON MARTIN

RuPaul What’s the Tee with Michelle Visage Podcast - For any creative person out there wanting a professional career I highly recommend this podcast. RuPaul is a master of marketing and reinventing himself to maintain his relevance to culture. To hear him talk about his experiences with Michelle and guests trying to unpack what it takes to achieve success and then hold onto it is so enlightening. In todays culture with fetishises peaking in our youth it’s great to gain insight from someone 4 decades into his career that is about to turn 60 who has never been more successful or in demand than in this current moment.” - MICHAEL PYBUS

“I'm completely addicted to podcasts. I have some daily commuting and gym time, and podcasts make those times a little more productive. My favorites are: The Tim Ferris Show, The Knowledge Project, A Small Voice, The James Altucher Show, Indie Film Hustle, A Piece of Work , Impact Theory, The Minimalists Podcast” - DIEGO FABRO

Seize The Yay (recent brilliant discovery)” - OLIVIA CHYLINSKI

“At the moment I'm re-listening to my agency's, The Jacky Winter Group, weekly podcast. It give me bits of great advice I can apply in my practice, when dealing with clients but most importantly understanding the role my producers have in my work.” - NANCY LIANG



“My Fuji GF670 has been my trusted companion for the last 6 years now and has gone on many adventures with me, I don't think I'll ever replace it with another camera.” - SIMON MARTIN

Neumann TLM 103, Logic Pro X, Beats Headphones” - ALEX CADE

“I use graphic tablet (Wacom Intous) and Photoshop, and also iPad with Procreate app“ - ALJA HORVAT

“Cameras (Canon 5DSr and Mamiya 7II), Studio lights, Speedlights, iMac, Film Scanner, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro” - DIEGO FABRO

“I use my piano first, to get the melodies I need. I love just sitting at it all day. Sometimes I don’t use the songs for years after that when they’re in on the piano for some reason that we stay in my head.I also use Voice notes on my phone it’s really good for passing song ideas or getting the lyrics down very quickly. “ - YIIGAA

“Some basics are InDesign and Photoshop. Canon 60D for shooting photos, then I edit them in Lightroom. During work hours as an Interior Architect I often use Revit and Rhino.“ - OLIVIA CHYLINSKI

“I mainly shoot with a Pentax 67II, a Contax 645 and a Leica MP on Kodak Tri-x film. “ - CHRISTOPH ZOUBEK

“A lightweight wood large format 4x5" camera, three lenses from mild grandangular to mild telephoto. Negative films. Drum scanner of year 1997, once the film are developed by the lab.“ - LUCA TOMBOLINI



“The only "gadgets" I think I own are my cell phone and electronic toothbrush (if those can even be considered gadgets). I had an Apple watch at one point, but I did away with it after I experienced my wrist, cell, and laptop ringing at me in tandem with the same notification. Personally, less is more when it comes to my screens.” - TAYLOR O. THOMAS

Kindle for sure and my Jabra Elite Sport wireless earphones. I have no feelings for cameras and photo equipment.” - DIEGO FABRO

“My iPhone XS Max I do pretty much everything on this phone” - ALEX CADE

“My headphones (audio technica) and iPod shuffle. “ - TAHIR CARL KARMALI

“Hmm... well currently its my latest Parmigiano Reggiano cheese knife from a tour in Reggio Emilia through AirB&B Experiences. “ - OLIVIA CHYLINSKI