2019 August


August’s favorite finds


“I have many books in my home mostly philosophy, design books and photo books by great photographers.
But once or twice a year, I return to the philosopher - Jean Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation, because I discover something new every time I read it, maybe because of my own experience and process in life develops.
I also keep coming back to Eksil by af Jakob Ejersbo & Mette Petersen - I must have read this book at least 3 times. Other books I return to: Bauhaus Women: A Global Perspective, Photobook - Albert Watson, Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love” - JOSEPHINE ANDREDOTTIR

"My latest book discovery is La vie devant soi by Romain Gary and Marcher jusqu'au soir by Lydie Salvayre.
My favorite books of all time are: L'usage du monde by Nicolas Bouvier, N'oubliez pas que je joue by Sonia Rykiel, Poems by Apollinaire, Hamlet by Shakespeare, True Stories by Sophie Calle” - MARIE HAZARD

“I'm not much of a reader, but I'm an avid art book collector. My newest addition is David Lynch's Some one is in my house which is a beautiful book filled with everything that comes out of his head that's not film. Some of my favorites of all time would be the Rizzoli collection of Keith Haring's work, R. Crumb Sketchbook Vol. 1, New York Nights by James and Karla Murray , Forever and Ever by Shawn Barber, Winning Ugly by Todd Radom, Life. Love. Shirts. from Revelation Records, Magic from Taschen is incredible and I also released a book last year called Brand by Hand that is a favorite, but for different reasons.” - JON CONTINO


“The last book I read was Bitch Doctrine by Penny Laurie. I'm currently reading The Trails of Apollo by Rick Riordan ... I need to decompress after a long run of reading just essays and biographies. When I was a child, I used to really use books as escapism so it's been nice delving back into that realm for a bit.
It's a real challenge to select only a few favourite books of all time ... But I would pick: A Life Of One's Own by Marion Milner, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty, Women in Clothes by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton, Just Kids by Patti Smith, The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness ... A bit of YA for good measure.” - SANDY HSU

"I'm currently reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, recently done reading Kabar Dari Timur by Fatris MF.
It's difficult to name favorite books at all time but I love the late-Stephen Hawking book A Brief History of Time, Michio Kaku's Parallel Worlds and Vision, Richard Dawkins's The Blind Watchmaker, which I find really fascinating learning about the vast and small universe at the same time. Indonesia Etc by Elizabeth Pisani is the book I always revisit once in a while to find inspiration for stories in Indonesia.” - NYIMAS LAULA

"I enjoy any crafty books, at the moment I’ve got my eye on Rachel Burke’s Be Dazzling.” - MELISSA SPRATT

"I'm currently reading A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit, The Overstory by Richard Powers, and The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells. I am usually reading more than one book at a time these days, and I'm somehow enjoying these three together at the same time.
It's hard to say what my favourite books are of all time, but there are books that have shaped me or have stayed with me for very long. I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, and I grew up with the characters, and the books will stay with me for life. I love Open House for Butterflies by Ruth Krauss, and The Persistence of Yellow by Monique Duval. I really love Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. I also love graphic novels - some favourites are the Saga series, the Sandman series, Blankets, and Maus.” - HANNAH REYES MORALES


“To be honest, I am not that much of a reader. But I do listen to audiobooks a lot while working. I really loved Shoe Dog by Nike co founder Phil Knight. Favourite books of all time must be Harry Potter haha, I have read and listened to the series 4 or 5 times now.” - HEDOF

“I just finished this book called Do you really need it? by Pierre-Yves McSween. It makes you realize that we spend a lot of money on things we don't need and that we care too much about what other people think.” - BROTHER MERLE

"I just discovered Mary Stewart's holiday thrillers (murder mysteries in paradisiac locations in the Mediterranean!), which make great summer reads as I love books that contain travelling as an element. My favourite books of all time are probably the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, the Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante, and Undiscovered Country by Christina Koning. From the fantasy pile, which deserves its own list, I have long loved and frequently re-read Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire.” - MARINA ESMERALDO



“I read the news every day, but for relaxation I've tuned in to A Cup of Jo for years. I've also recently been enjoying Sand & Such (a journal about sleeping) and passerbuys for lifestyle. For design news and updates, I like AIGA Eye on Design.” - MARINA ESMERALDO

Mystic Medusa, The Guardian - Crosswords, Youtube, Tumblr, Maps, My local library's website” - SANDY HSU

"It was always Lens Blog by The New York Times. Also Longform, On Being.” - HANNAH REYES MORALES

"The sites that I visit most must be Youtube and Gmail haha. I don't visit that much blogs and websites like I used to. Mainly because I am just too busy to spend much time on the internet and also because I see most visual stuff on Instagram.” - HEDOF

Uni Watch, Art of the Title, The Verge, Bleacher Report, AIGA Eye on Design” - JON CONTINO

"I spend way too much time watching skate videos on Thrasher Magazine” - BROTHER MERLE

"I don’t view any blogs consistently, but I do love a good Pinterest scroll and Instagram is also such a great place to discover creative inspiration.” - MELISSA SPRATT

I don't really visit blogs that much. I use the material library, I’m more analog when I search for knowledge and inspiration, for me half of it is to explore and see through my hands to understand.” - JOSEPHINE ANDREDOTTIR

"PhMuseum, The New York Times Lens Blog, Instagram” - NYIMAS LAULA



“I used the most France Culture (french radio/podcast). You can listen to so many good programs about art, culture, literature, social life, history... I am also listening to France Inter (for the info). I use Instagram to discover new artists, designers, etc... I also use Spotify to listen music.” - MARIE HAZARD

Pocket Casts is indispensable. Podcasts save my life during late night work sessions or traveling, both of which I do more than I probably should.
Notion keeps my life together as much as possible. All of my project management, and some life management, is sorted and organized in it. Without it, I might die.
Procreate has taken the pen out of my hands and replaced it with an Apple Pencil. It's honestly made me a better illustrator.
I use Instagram out of necessity, but I don't like it. Actually...it's garbage and I hate it. But I use it every day.” - JON CONTINO

"WhatsApp, and Instagram, the easiest way to connect with friends and families separated by distance.” - NYIMAS LAULA

"The Weather, Co-Star, The Moon, Podcasts, Spotify, Public Transport Victoria, Notes, Voice Memos” - SANDY HSU

"Instagram - to present my work and record my creative experiences. Pinterest - when I’m feeling a bit low on inspiration! Facebook - so I can keep in touch with friends/family/followers.” - MELISSA SPRATT

"I use Youtube and Spotify when I work I have many different playlist for moods and inspirations depends where I am in a process. But I actually have a playlist for everything that I use during the year for different happenings and situations - I name them such as Anchor, At Night We Work, Flow, Techno Christmas, Invisible Monday, Wanderlust, Tropical Nights and so on.
Podcast - I listen to podcast every day especially when I work it's my best concentration tool like music. It makes it easier to jump into my own world so I don't get distracted by anything! At the moment I listen to 99% Invisible, Women of The Hour by Lena Dunham and You Must Remember This.
Instagram - For promotion and portfolio” - JOSEPHINE ANDREDOTTIR

"I use WhatsApp the most - it's the place where I can reach people I love immediately...” - HANNAH REYES MORALES

"Unfortunately I spend a lot of time on Instagram and Pinterest. I also love the Adobe Suite for iPad, Adobe Sketch is probably my all time favourite app.” - MARINA ESMERALDO

"Instagram, just like everybody I presume. I like using the app to share my work on my account @brothermerle. I try to discover other people's work, but I mostly watch dumb and funny clips.” - BROTHER MERLE

"Instagram no doubt, that shit is addictive. I also use Spotify, Youtube, Storytel, Podcast and on my iPad I use a lot of Procreate for sketching and drawing.” - HEDOF





Working Class Woman by Marie Davidson, Blood by Kelsey Lu, Health by Callie Ryan, Grid of Points by Grouper, Do You Mind by SASSY 009, Heartleap by Vashti Bunyan” - SANDY HSU

“I loved Circa91 by Ruby Ibarra. When I first listened to it I was crying, listening to a Filipina rapper made me feel so seen. I also really enjoy listening to musical soundtracks, often without having seen the show, because I enjoy imagining stories when I listen. I am currently loving the Hadestown soundtrack, because I'm a huge fan of the broadway actress Eva Noblezada, and I regularly go back to the Hamilton soundtrack. I listen to Ivy Sole's Eden album a lot, All Mine should probably have been on my on loop list up there.” - HANNAH REYES MORALES

"Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, The Bossa Nova Albums by Stan Getz, João and Astrud Gilberto, Grace by Jeff Buckley, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, The Greatest by Cat Power” - MARINA ESMERALDO


Flavien Berger, L'impératrice, Her” - MARIE HAZARD

"I enjoy a lot listening to instrumental songs a lot from Hans Zimmer, Ramin Djawadi, and again Sleeping at Last especially when I'm editing pictures which I find it helps setting the mood without distracting with the lyrics. My most looped songs from all time would be Incubus' Morning View, A Crow Left of The Murder, Light Grenades, Eddie Vedder's Into The Wild songs, Family of The Year's Hero from Boyhood and whole Loma Vista album, Joanna Wang's Vincent, Ben Howard’s Old Pine, Jon Brion's Little Person.” - NYIMAS LAULA

"Outer Peace by Toro y Moi, Cigarettes After Sex by Cigarettes After Sex, Songs to Make Up To by Ta-Ku, 99,9% by Kaytranada, Glass House by Jessie Ware” - HEDOF

"Anything by the Beatles!” - MELISSA SPRATT

Songs from the Big Chair and The Hurting by Tears for Fears are both severely underrated records. And that's said with the consideration that they were still both massive hits. I listen to them on repeat constantly. Paul Walker by Drug Church is an amazingly energetic and vibrant record that also happens to have maybe the best lyrics I've ever heard. Time and Space by Turnstile really brought me back into the fold of fun hardcore music. What it's All About by Out For Justice is basically a mini EP, but it's PERFECT. Should My Fist Eye by Neck came out in 1999 and was almost two decades ahead of its time in terms of technical hardcore/metal. Angel Dust by Faith No More. Speaking of ahead of its time.” - JON CONTINO

"Stop Making Sense live album by Talking Heads” - BROTHER MERLE



“Documentary: The Wolfpack - They look so cool in there suits and Ray Ban shades - it's a documentary where 7 siblings are living in a New York apartment where they have lived with their mom and dad and stayed in the apartment their entire life and pretty much don't get out of the door ever. As there mom and dad tries to protect them from the world outside. They use there time on re-directing their favorite movies with home-made props and costumes. They are really inspiring and creative. It's a must see! Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present, How Are You - Elmgreen & Dragset by Jannik Splidsboel.
Movies: Gummo - I love bunny boy he is my hero - And no matter where you pause this movie you can take it directly and hang it up on your wall - it's a really great movie by Harmony Korine who is also behind the movie Kids. Little Ashes - Salvador Dali doing his time at the Art Academy. Youth by Paolo Sorrentino, Call Me by Your Name by James Ivorys, Basquiat by Julian Schnabel, Delicatessen by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, Amelie by Guillaume Laurant” - JOSEPHINE ANDREDOTTIR

"I recently saw the animated film The Breadwinner on the plane, about an Afghan girl and her family during the time of the Taliban. I also recently saw the anime film Your Name, which really, really broke me. My most rewatched film is probably Moulin Rouge - I find myself always crying in airplanes with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. I have always loved Miyazaki films, Spirited Away has been a favourite from childhood.” - HANNAH REYES MORALES

"I love the movies from Nouvelle vague.
I think everyone should watch: Mommy by Xavier Dolan, Contes d'été by Eric Rohmer, La piscine by Jacques Deray, L'amour fou by Pierre Bergé, Mektoub, My Love by Abdellatif Kechiche, Cléo de 5 à 7 by Agnès Varda” - MARIE HAZARD

"It's not fresh but everybody should watch Wayne's World 1 and 2.” - BROTHER MERLE

"I went to see Animals by Sophie Hyde at MIFF recently which was really, really great. I have also loved the last two films that I've seen most recently in the cinema; Booksmart and Parasite.
Some other movies that I "think everybody should watch" include: Departures, Mustang, Perfect Blue, Before Sunrise, What We Do In The Shadows, Chunking Express, The Love Witch, The Wailing, Persepolis, Santa Sangre, Sedmikrasky, Zodiac” - SANDY HSU

The VVITCH was brilliantly executed. I tell everyone I know to watch it. It's probably getting annoying at this point. The 'Burbs with Tom Hanks is one of the best 80s horror comedies to ever exist. The Godfather (Part 1) is pure perfection.
Speaking of Godfathers, The Godfathers of Hardcore takes something so pure and filters it through the lens of horrible, horrible time. Trick 'r Treat is a super fun Halloween horror anthology that I feel like most people never saw or forgot about. Ghostbusters duh.” - JON CONTINO

""Gifted - on Netflix was a heartfelt watch.” - MELISSA SPRATT

"I'm still a bit in love with the discovery of Luca Guadagnino (A Bigger Splash, Call Me By Your Name). I love Richard Linklater's body of work. The Before trilogy, Dazed and Confused, and Boyhood are some of the most beautiful movies out there. Greta Gerwig's films are so enjoyable, and she's one of the rare breakthrough female directors (only 4% of films made are by women).” - MARINA ESMERALDO

"Let's go with my favourite animation films: Ponyo by Hayao Miyazaki, Yellow Submarine by George Dunning, Fantastic Mr. Fox by Wes Anderson” - HEDOF



“I still think Sex Education is a must watch. As a person who grow up in the community which (still) consider sex as a taboo and have barely sex education, it's really interesting to watch!
I love Dark and its concept of parallel time.
Now I could blabber for days, (excuse me). I'm a fan of any criminal related tv series and documentary such as Mindhunter, Manhunt: Unabomber, Making A Murderer, True Detective, The Fall, The Keepers, Breaking Bad (!!), Dexter, Bones, and the lists goes on.” - NYIMAS LAULA

Mad Men and The Sopranos are always running on loop in my house. Chernobyl was amazing. Russian Doll was great. Stranger Things season 3 was excellent. OA season 2 was also excellent. And the New York Yankees are in first place. That makes for some damn good television!” - JON CONTINO

"I'm a big fan of cartoons, Family Guy, South Park and Superjail.” - BROTHER MERLE

"I know I am soooo late with this but earlier this year I finally watched Game of Thrones and I became obsessed. Other than that I really enjoy Fargo, Stranger Things, How I Met Your Mother, Maniac, you know... the usual Netflix stuff haha” - HEDOF

"Recently I finished the latest season of Stranger Things, My Brilliant Friend (the HBO adaptation of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels) and the whole of Seinfeld. I'm also enjoying the Amazon adaptation of Good Omens. All time faves include Mad Men, Parks & Rec, The Office and Game of Thrones.” - MARINA ESMERALDO

"The Handmaids Tale, Broad City” - SANDY HSU

Transparent, Stranger Things, Silicon Valley” - JOSEPHINE ANDREDOTTIR

"The last two shows that I binged were The End of The F***ing World (did I get the asterisk placements right?) and Russian Doll. Without spoiling it - I loved how The End tackles a lot of the issues I care about in a way that's so nuanced. I really enjoyed Sex Education as well. Also a Peaky Blinders fan.” - HANNAH REYES MORALES

"Stranger Things (obviously) and also recently got into Mad Men on Netflix too!” - MELISSA SPRATT



“My instagram @nyimaslaula is filled with a mix of everything, published pictures, outtakes during an assignments or my day to day life when I'm not working (also cats). I follow broad spectrum of works from diverse field, from photojournalism to art, to give me broader inspiration that I can implement to my future works. I love @phmuseum, @maggiesteber, @alessiaglaviano, @carlotta_guerrero, @daily_paintings, @lakinogunbanwo, @htrgnc, @lisa.sorgini, @yagazieemezi, @signsofyouridentity, @adrianazehbrauskas, @womenphotograph, @girlgaze, @anastasiatl, @k_koenning and many more.” - NYIMAS LAULA

@adorno.design, @patrick_parrish_gallery, @mattermatters, @thelinenyc, @fort_standard, @madsnorgaard, @Studioolafureliasson, @sabine_marcelis, @johannestorpestudios, @normarchitects, @v1gallery” - JOSEPHINE ANDREDOTTIR

"I have two accounts, I significantly use one (my photography account @hannahreyesmorales) more than the other. I use it to discover new work, to keep up with my friends on assignments, and to see what goes on behind the scenes. I keep one account just for photography related things because I find it very jarring to see images of crises or critical issues against things my tiny fixations that I look at to unwind, like miniature cooking. I just want to make sure that when I am looking at people's work it doesn't get lost in the noise of the internet of things, so I try to keep my media diet intentional when there's so much out there.
I love the accounts of @luisadorr, @gericcruz, @elliotstudio, @maddiemcgarvey, @maggiesteber, @jennydeluxe, @yagazieemezi, @emilygarthwaite, @womenphotograph, @everydayphilippines, @malinfezehai, @reginedavid, @geloyconcepcion, @phamhaduylinh, @jakeverzosa, @gabmejia, @kiliiiyuyan - the list goes on.” - HANNAH REYES MORALES

"@albers_foundation, @manacontemporary, @sfmoma, @lemondefr, @jerrygogosian, @charlesgmagne, @supportsurfaces, @fondationhermes, @pierre.yovanovitch, @newmuseum
@magnumphotos, @stephen.tayo, @pibsen (my gallery in copenhagen), @oliviervrankenne (my gallery in brussels), @marcjancoucontemporary (my gallery in Switzerland)” - MARIE HAZARD

"@baseballcardvandals, @toymachine, @porous_walker, @garyvee, @southpark, @kook_of_the_day” - BROTHER MERLE

"Gosh I sound like a bit of a Rachel Burke Fan girl, but she’s just so sparkly and from Brisbane! But I also enjoy content from: @wandacomrie, @_linesoflove, @rachael_wellisch, @vanessabarragao_work and so many more!” - MELISSA SPRATT

"@coco_pinkprincess, @differ.design, @myfavouritemurder, @stylelikeu” - SANDY HSU

“There's too many to name, so I'll just list some of my recent favorites within the past year or so! And you can find these all on Instagram.
@marte_______, @cheatinsnakes, @truehandsociety - All the artists from True Hand are great, @lucy__dickson, @flyingfishstudiola - Such an amazing career” - JON CONTINO

"@saintrecords, @passerbuys, @haimtheband, @apartamentomagazine, @palomawool, @cargoworld” - MARINA ESMERALDO



“My favourite magazine is The Happy Reader, and I regularly splurge on Apartamento and Open House. As for the news I get mine on The Guardian, The New York Times, Folha de S. Paulo, El País, La Vanguardia and The Intercept.” - MARINA ESMERALDO

"Frankie Magazine, Flow Magazine” - MELISSA SPRATT

“I used to be big into both, but it's been a long time since I've bought a magazine. Now if I buy any sort of magazine-type publication it's usually a hardcore or illustrator's self-published zine.” - JON CONTINO

"National Geographic, Time, The New York Times, DestinAsian Indonesia” - NYIMAS LAULA


"Thrasher Magazine, I've been a member of the monthly subscription since 2006. I also check the Jenkem Mag website regularly.” - BROTHER MERLE

"I flick through my old Rookie Yearbooks quite often.” - SANDY HSU

"I have subscriptions to Nat Geo, The New York Times and The Washington Post.” - HANNAH REYES MORALES

"Frame, Mark, Art Week Paper, Sight Unseen, say hi to, Vogue Living, Pleasure - Børsen, RUM” - JOSEPHINE ANDREDOTTIR

"I am reading mostly on my phone Le Monde.” - MARIE HAZARD



“Besides my favourite illustrators that I mentioned earlier I really suggest you check out the Fangasm podcast. This started out as the Potterotica Podcast where the hosts read out loud erotic Harry Potter fan fiction, super funny. But they got in trouble with Warner Brothers and changed the concept to a broader range of erotic fanfiction like Game of Thrones and stuff. Not sexy at all but super hilarious. The hosts are so funny.
Something completely different but I also love the Creative Pep Talk Podcast by Andy J Pizza, so helpful and fun to listen to.” - HEDOF



“I draw everything on paper with a pencil, then I used Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom Cintiq tablet to make the final version of my work.” - BROTHER MERLE

“It's really difficult to say, as I work very analog in materials such as metal, wood, ceramic, stone, 3D print and 3D modeling/rendering, the tool list is therefore very long.
But one thing is for sure before I can start working I need my workwear, mask, gloves, earplugs or headset and laptop” - JOSEPHINE ANDREDOTTIR

"I mostly use Adobe Lightroom on daily basis, but I recently discover using Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw is easier without importing through a catalog, as I don't tone too much on my pictures. I use Canon 5D Mark IV with 35mm prime lens and Fuji XT2 on 18-55mm kit lens on slower days.” - NYIMAS LAULA

"Logic Pro X, my Danelectro, a pen, paper and ... my voice” - SANDY HSU


"I create all my illustrations on Apple gear (iMac, MacBook Pro, sometimes the iPad Pro) and I use a 24" Wacom Cintiq Pro in my studio as well. I used to work in Photoshop but switched to Illustrator a few years ago. Way faster.” - HEDOF

"My hands! - for Finger Knitting. Yarn of all different types and sizes.” - MELISSA SPRATT

"Adobe Lightroom is my best friend (except for the one time my catalog got corrupted). I work with Sony mirrorless cameras - I have the A9 and the A7RIII. Full disclosure that I am sponsored by them this year, but I was already using the system before they came in.” - HANNAH REYES MORALES

"Hardware: Macbook, a small Wacom tablet, an iPad and Apple Pencil. Software: Adobe Suite, SketchUp.” - MARINA ESMERALDO

"I am using my loom! As a weaver, I really need it of course. I use also tons of cones of threads, scissors, yarns, pencils, painting, paper, sewing machine.” - MARIE HAZARD

“I used to be strictly pen and paper, but since the iPad Pro came out, the Apple Pencil and Procreate have been my major workhorses. My scanner is just collecting dust now which is kind of a bummer, but my workflow is so much more efficient now. I can't really complain.” - JON CONTINO



Lust by Lush, My Daily Planner by An Organised Life and my journal.” - SANDY HSU

In no particular order, these are my current best friends: Coconut oil & aloe vera, my beautiful Brazilian, 100% raw cotton hammock, Sony bluetooth headphones, iPad + Apple Pencil, Simple Modern thermal bottle. A strong garden hose (to cool off in the summer) / hot water bottle (to cosy up in winter)” - MARINA ESMERALDO

"Lately I am really into hot sauces. Most of them are all pretty local and I also started growing a lot of my own peppers and jalapeños in my own garden, it is a lot of fun and easy to do. Check out some recipes, tutorials online and start making your own, trade them with friends etc.” - NYIMAS LAULA

iPhone - My entire life is in that stupid little box. ROLLO label printer - Obviously good for printing labels, but I also like to print out drawings and stick them in my sketchbook. Withings digital scale and blood pressure monitor - I'm old and concerned with my well-being, ok???” - JON CONTINO

"I use 511 RUSH 12 backpacks and Bail Out Bag 9L with custom pads for my camera, I find it very ergonomics to my back and shoulder, has many pockets, so it helps me a lot when I have to go around during an assignment. Also the size push me to only bring what's necessary on the field, 1 body with 1 lens attached and 1 additional lens. For reporting, I always use Moleskine A5 lined Volant journal which can fits into my pocket, Muji Gel Ink Pen 0.5 in blue which can last for 2 years!
I always wondered why photographers rarely talk about self-care, I find it taking time to take care of my body during tough assignment days helps me to relieve a little bit of stress and give myself some reward after a long day.
I always bring a damn good face mask with me if I fly outside my home base, which can help me to relax after a long day of shooting, my favorite is Fresh Rose Face Mask and Umbrian Clay Mask. I have very dry demanding skin so I always bring Burt's Bees Lipbalm everywhere with me for my forever dry and chapped lip and Herbivore Phoenix Facial Oil, applied with Jade Face Roller really helps me to slow down and relax.”


"I'm on the road for big chunks of time so I really value what I take with me - the objects I take with me are sometimes the only things that are familiar to me when I enter new spaces. Somehow these objects also make me feel safe.
I swear by Muji ballpoint pens and the Muji notebooks that have dots in the pages. I cannot leave the house without them.
It took me a while but I think I have a pretty ideal travel set up for gear now - I have the Peak Design 30L backpack, and a Domke reporter's satchel, which fits my whole camera set up.
For shorter assignments where I have to pack clothes and be mobile, my friend Jo designed the perfect duffel bag for her brand Bag Your Brand, and almost everyone in my friend group now has one which makes traveling with them a little awkward.
My favourite pants are my Toqa pants, from recycled fabric - but they're really durable and they make me feel good. I can report in them and be in the office in them too. I'm wearing them as I type this. It's really hard to find utility pants that don't look frumpy so I'm happy I have these.
I just got the waterproof Kindle. I read in the shower, which is a habit I picked up from my partner, who reads in the shower with actual books so no one lends us books anymore.
Finally I don't leave the house without my Marshall headphones (great for listening to music and when I also need silence and don't want people to talk to me), and I always travel with tiny but mighty portable speakers. Music and books keep me anchored.” - HANNAH REYES MORALES

"My Apple Watch and iPhone, noise canceling headphones are a new thing for me and I’m getting into it.” - MELISSA SPRATT

"I don't really like gadgets, I am listening to music a lot, so I am very often with my headphones. I try to get a book in my bag when I want to have a break. I also have a gourd with me. I think it is super important with global warming nowadays. And finally, I have a red or light pink lipstick in my bag.” - MARIE HAZARD

"Soda Stream, I'm addicted to sparkling water.” - BROTHER MERLE

"My Headset, my 100% UV sunglasses from Mads Nørgaard.
Daily Ritual: Balenciaga B - Perfume from Balenciaga, Big Chill by HUM, Knock Me Out by Goop” - JOSEPHINE ANDREDOTTIR