2019 July


July’s favorite finds


“This is a classic one, Dirty Windows by Merry Alpern, I'm into voyeurism this time and while talking with Simon Baker (director of Maison Européenne de la Photographie) he told me about this incredible work. We went to the exhibition together. Then I've discovered the work of Merry. By her window, she can describe a sample of NY City 80's : she shot the bathroom of a prostitute's flat. It's always the same frame, the same neon light, but each scene is different. I really fall in love with this work.
My favorite books of all time is Praise of Shadows by Junichirô Tanizaki, and Le Zen dans l'art chevaleresque du tir à l'arc by Eugen Herrigel. With these two books, you talking about light and instant, fundamental in photography, but also in life. I can come back to this book often and always find something different.” - JULIEN MIGNOT

"I am at a moment where I am reading many books at the same time. I just started reading a novel I got as a gift from one of my dearest friends, the book is called The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. I am reading an amazing book about the history of Amsterdam. The book is called Amsterdam, it is written by Russell Shorto.
I am also reading Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith, it's about the connection between psychology and chakras. Two of my all time favorites are, Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins and Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse.” - EMMA GAVALDON VAN LEEUWEN BOOMKAMP

"Jill Lepore’s These Truths is my current obsession for reading books. It details the history of the United States from the 1600's till today.
Favorite books of all time include The Fountainhead, Midnight's Children.” - ED KASHI

"My latest discoveries have been: The Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel, The Big Midget Murders by Craig Rice, A Life in Movies by Irwin Winkler, The White Review Anthology by Ben Eastham (Editor), Jacques Testard (Editor)
ALL TIME: I Pass Like Night by Jonathan Ames, The Fugitive Pigeon by Donald E. Westlake, Cops and Robbers by Donald E. Westlake, Pulp by Charles Bukowski (Of course), The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson, Better Than Sex by Hunter S. Thompson” - KEVIN LOMBARDO


"Favorite Books: Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun, Walden by Henry David Thoreau, Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller, Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov” - ROOSJE VAN DONSELAAR

“Latest book discovery: Au revoir là-haut by Pierre Lemaitre. Favorite books of all time: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Deddoendo no omoide (Memories of a dead end) by Banana Yoshimoto” - CAMILLA FERRARI

"I'm all over the map in this department. I recently embraced Eve Babitz and her intriguing memoirs capturing the cultural milieu of Los Angeles. City of Thieves by David Benioff gave new meaning to a dozen eggs. Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple was strangely close to home given my personal obsession with architecture/design. Finally, I have a mini crush on Malcom Gladwell. Let's just leave it at that.
Forever favorites: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Stieg Larsson), Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett), Into Thin Air (Jon Krakauer)” - MANDY GRAHAM

“My latest book discovery is Friedrich Hölderlin’s Kom nu Eld, in swedish translation by Aris Fioretus. My favorite books of all times are everything written by Simone Weil including the biography of her written by her friend Simone Petrement, the Bible, Abandonment to divine providence by Jean Pierre de Caussade, The Hill of Dreams by Arthur Machen, Left hand of Darkness by Ursula K Le Guin, Swann’s World by Proust, Solaris by Stanislaw Lem, Bröllopsbesvär by Stig Dagerman.” - HANS ANDERSSON

“My latest book discovery was Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. It's set in pre-colonial Nigeria and is a really engaging story. I was also very happy to learn recently it has a sequel so I'll be getting in to that soon no doubt.
Favourite books of all time for me would have to include:
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, a gloriously witty cautionary tale featuring one of the finest metaphors for inner beauty over appearances.
Charles Mingus' autobiography - Beneath The Underdog. This is a sublimely interesting read and showcases Mingus completetly with all his flaws and genius on display. For anyone even vageuly familiar with him its a great read, for jazz fans it's a must have.
Lastly The Complete Stories fo Franz Kafka is a collection of most of his works (though notably not The Trial or The Castle. I find his works are very well designed in terms of illustrating the frustration and beurocracy of modern life. You get stressed and irritated on behalf of the characters which might not sound enjoyable but is a testament to how well written these stories are.” - ASTA HIROKI


"It is not a recent one, but I enjoy it! it is: Nouvelles sous ecstasy from Frédéric Beigbeder. My favourite book is L'écume des jours from Boris Vian.” - ADRIEN ROVERO

"Summertime means book time. Right now, I am trying to go through my book sheets of murder, occult and ghost books (my friends call my library “The Murder room” but it’s actually more of a Tragic and Sadness room). I bought too many true crime books in a very short time. So, the latest book on my bedside table is Beethoven’s Skull by Tim Rayborn. A book about the dark, strange and fascinating tales from the classical music scene, which I seem to know zero about. But give me some juicy stuff about Vivaldi and I am all yours.
When it comes to my favorite book it will always be Djävulen & Gud (The Devil and The God) by Mare Kandre. A perfect tale for adults about the early days of the Devil and the God. I wish someone, one day would give me a bunch of money to adapt that book into a movie.” - MATS UDD

"I think my book taste is quite broad. Most of all I go after well-written books. The last one I read was Valis by Philip K. Dick. A quite strange book, with a bit about language as well. Worth reading if you like conspiracy theories of the universe in a totally different, humoristic and refreshing way.” - EMILIE BOBEK

"The most recent book I read was The Alchemist! It took me a while but I have always been meaning to read it. I also read the Course of Love by Alain De Botton. I wasn't blown away by it but it was fun. I don't have any all time favourites but I really want to read Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins and Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker” - YOUNG FRANCO

"I just found this book called Biedermeier to Bauhaus at a local tag sale that charts German and Austrian interior design from the Renaissance up until the mid 1900s. It’s really turned me on to mid 19th century Bavarian dowry furniture, which is trippy in all the right ways. Favorite books of all time is a tough one - for fiction, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan and Orlando by Virginia Woolf all come to mind. For non-fiction, The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton and Changing My Mind by Zadie Smith. I love all of Nikki Giovanni’s poetry.” - NICK SPAIN



“I practice self discipline. This particular addiction is one to proceed with caution. Interior Design Addict, The Cool Hunter, Ebay, 1st Dibs, The Skimm, Surface, Eater, Pinterest” - MANDY GRAHAM

“I mainly visit art and music blogs - for music there are too many to mention. It depends on the day and the genre I want to discover or hear but for art I'd tend to frequent sites like It's Nice That and Juxtapoz as I like their style and variety.” - ASTA HIROKI

"I am really into a thing called social media so my most visit sites are a site named Facebook and also a site called Twitter (and yeah Gmail too). Ah you know these sites? Ah ok so no more exciting then that, sorry. But from time to time I visit this isn’t happiness, which always gives me a lot of inspirations.” - MATS UDD

"I love Apartment Therapy. I just moved into a new apartment so have been scouring that site lately. Reddit I love going on and finding some good life tips, it can be a bit of a time hole though.” - YOUNG FRANCO

"I kind of like Sight Unseen and I love the flow of NASA instagram” - ADRIEN ROVERO

"Pro Photo Daily, New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian” - ED KASHI

"This Is Paper, Ignant, Sight Unseen, Dig Delve by Dan Pearson, The Planthunter, AnOther, Office Magazine” - NICK SPAIN

“One of my favorite websites has to be Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a good place to get lost in strange facts. And I love looking up facts. The other day I was eating an artichoke and I wondered where it's from. Of course Wikipedia knows, artichokes are originally from Africa.” - EMMA GAVALDON VAN LEEUWEN BOOMKAMP

Fragrantica, The Wire, ebay” - HANS ANDERSSON

"1stdibs, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Boekwinkeltjes.nl (second hand books), Marktplaats (Dutch Ebay), Netflix, Bleep, Pitchfork” - ROOSJE VAN DONSELAAR

“I'm addicted to NTS Live. This is where I found inspiration and new fresh music. This is endless.” - JULIEN MIGNOT

"Instagram, The New York Times, Netflix” - CAMILLA FERRARI

"Amazon - (To watch/rent every movie there is in the world), Youtube, Vimeo, Vice, Nowness” - KEVIN LOMBARDO



"Instagram because it's my world of photography and visual storytelling. WhatsApp for communicating with people around the world. Slack for organizing discussion threads within my photo agency. Waze for driving. NYT and Washington Post for staying informed. Lyft for rides. Skype for communicating with people around the world and sharing screens for photo editing, etc” - ED KASHI

Radio 4 (Dutch radio, classical music), Catawiki (auction app)” - ROOSJE VAN DONSELAAR

Spotify for listening to music while working. ebay for buying vintage perfumes and vintage designer clothings.” - HANS ANDERSSON

"Citi Bike app, you need it to get around the city everyday... only 3 dollars to get from point A to B plus you get a nice workout. EASY. I use Instagram... maybe too much at times but it's great to get some inspiration from different film accounts (@kodak_shootfilm). Podcast app, perfect for getting your day started or for decompressing... lots of cool interviews on there and amazing comedians.” - KEVIN LOMBARDO

"Podcasts, Spotify, NPR One, Flipboard, Instagram (design related), Redfin, Waze” - MANDY GRAHAM

Spotify and Spotify for Artists I check a lot to discover new music, see how my releases are doing and keep my profiles up to date.
Facebook, Insta and Twitter I use mainly for work - I do enjoy scrolling through Insta for art. I am not naturally the type to announce and shout about what I'm doing personally but I understand if you are creating art and want it to reach people these days then it's important to open up more on these platforms. It's something I'm working on improving!
Whatsapp is the default app for chatting to friends and family and of course Netflix for movie downtime and just before bed to get me off to sleep!” - ASTA HIROKI

"Honestly I try to spend as little time on my phone as possible because I think it’s slowly homogenizing and demoralizing society, but I do use iNaturalist a lot for plant and bird ID.” - NICK SPAIN

"I use Instagram quite alot. I find it useful for visual art and ideas. Same thing with reddit though it can be a bit of a time hole. I use Voice Memos and Dropbox for work daily” - YOUNG FRANCO

"Shazam, Instagram, JotNot and Dropbox;-)” - ADRIEN ROVERO

"Instagram and Spotify are my favs. Love visuals and love music.” - EMMA GAVALDON VAN LEEUWEN BOOMKAMP

"Instagram is probably my most used app, and of course Google Map and Strava (keep tracking my biking, running and walking so I can drink beers with good conscience. Showing people my score “See I was running 3 miles last night so I just don’t need another beer, I deserve another beer”.)” - MATS UDD





Jumping the Shark by Alex Cameron, 6 feet Beneath the Moon by King Krule, Harlem River by Kevin Morby, Radiate by Jeanne Added, 2 by Mac Demarco” - JULIEN MIGNOT

"Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities by The Books, The Lemon of Pink by The Books, II by Moderat, En Mana Kuoyo by Ayub Ogada, The Demon Diaries by Parov Stelar” - CAMILLA FERRARI

"The BEST album I heard in the last few years is Phoebe Bridger’s Strangers in the Alps. When Spotify is around, I can’t say I give too many albums a full listening, but with Strangers in the alps it’s been on repeat since last year. One of the few albums that will stay around for a lifetime.” - MATS UDD

"Jorja Smith’s record I have been absolutely rinsing. Same with Tyler the Creator’s record. MUST LISTENS” - YOUNG FRANCO

All of mine haha! Seriously again there are too many good records but a couple of suggestions off the top of my head...
Con Todo El Mundo Super by Khruangbin. Chilled and psychedelic musicianship on this. It's just gorgeous. ...And The World Weeps by Shrimpnose & K. Raydio. One of my favourite electronic albums form the last year out on the very cool Dome of Doom record label + awesome artwork from Phibdoesthis. Mingus Ah Um by Charles Mingus. One of my favourite albums and surely one of the best jazz albums ever. From contemplative compositions to all-guns-blazing swing its got it all.” - ASTA HIROKI

"Dilation by Grandbrothers, Richard D. James Album by Aphex Twin, People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rythym by A Tribe Called Quest” - ADRIEN ROVERO

"Depends what mode you've been on but recently I've been super into Japanese dance/house... here are a couple records I recently got: AIRIER EP by So Inagawa, Integritithm by So Inagawa, Sounds From the Far East by Soichi Terada” - KEVIN LOMBARDO


"Anything with Sofia Jernberg, Ritual Mouth-Organs of the Murung - Bangladesh, Schubert - Death and the Maiden performed by Chiaroscuro Quartet” - HANS ANDERSSON

"Devotion by Tirzah, Remain Calm by Mica Levi, Under The Sun by Mark Pritchard, Compro by Skee Mask, Export by RAP, Ibiza Redux by Special Occasion, Fire Walk With Me (Twin Peaks soundtrack) by Angelo Badalamenti, The Wild Blue Yonder (soundtrack) by Ernst Reijseger, Lux by Voces8, Circle Songs by Bobby McFerrin, Suspiria (soundtrack) by Thom Yorke, Age Of by Oneohtrix Point Never, Serpent Music by Yves Tumor, The Narcissist II by Dean Blunt, Homogenic by Björk, Mule Variations by Tom Waits, Aromanticism by Moses Sumney, Blackstar by David Bowie, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (soundtrack) by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tabula Rasa by Arvo Pärt” - ROOSJE VAN DONSELAAR

"This month I became obsessed with Jimi Hendrix, probably my favorite is his first album Are You Experienced.” - EMMA GAVALDON VAN LEEUWEN BOOMKAMP

Dive by Tycho ( The album is amazing for studying )” - EMILIE BOBEK

"Anything and everything by Angel Olsen. She’s fucking brilliant.” - NICK SPAIN

"I require music (always) and never tire of Jazz. Outside of that, I'm pleased to announce my recent finds: Lost On You by LP (obsessed), Harlem River by Kevin Morby, Chaleur Humaine by Christine and the Queens, Mug Museum by Cate le Bon” - MANDY GRAHAM

"Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill” - ED KASHI



Matthias & Maxime by Xavier Dolan. I've just seen it in Cannes and this is probably one of his best. Back to basics, you laugh you cry, this is just about life.
Everybody should watch The Tree Of Life by Terence Malick.” - JULIEN MIGNOT

"If I could have dinner with two fictional characters. Mary Poppins and "The Dude" are without a doubt my guests of honor. Each of the films below are noteworthy favorites.
Vicky Christina Barcelona, Annie Hall, Manhattan, Funny Girl, Some Like it Hot, The Odd Couple, LA Story, The Big Lebowski, Mary Poppins, The Count of Monte Cristo, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, La La Land, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Intouchables, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Romancing the Stone” - MANDY GRAHAM

"Mid90s is amazing. Jonah Hill smashed it.” - YOUNG FRANCO

"The last movie I saw was Booksmart, which I kind of like. At least it entertained for the moment.
The movies no one should have un-seen is: Braindead (dead alive): Peter Jackson’s old splatter movie. A study on how to make a movie where the script, camera, directing, actors, make-up, everything is perfectly well made. Extremely funny. When I was 12, I watch it every day for a month and this movie made me want to make my own movies. There is no other movie that made such an impact on me then this. I have Peter Jackson to thank for everything.
Songs of the Second Floor: The Swedish director Roy Andersson is a true genius of course and this was the first movie of his that I experience. I couldn’t believe that movies could look like this and I didn’t want it to end. I was holding my thumbs thought the cinema show and I said to myself (quiet of course since there was people around): “Just one more scene, please show me just one more scene”. Many people think that You, the living the film that comes after is a lot better, which is of course terrible wrong. Songs of the second floor is a poetic and very humoristic film and it doesn’t look like anything else you seen.
A Ghost Story: One of the latest movies I seen which I really wish I had done. Not too many saw this movie, which is sad, because its genius in every single way. And I am super jealous of David Lowery for coming up with this idea. I have an unfinished email in my outbox to David demanding him to take back the movie because there is this Swedish director that need to do this film instead.” - MATS UDD

"Most people forget how good the first movie of Superman is and some have never even seen it. Do that, you won't regret.” - EMILIE BOBEK

"My husband always falls asleep on the couch if we put a movie on, so we’re more TV people. I’d say The Hours because Ed Harris always makes me cry, Pontypool because I’m a big horror fan, and anything with Parker Posey. I met her at a party once and geeked out.” - NICK SPAIN

"13th” - ED KASHI

"TOP 10 MOVIES EVERYONE SHOULD SEE (not in order): The Nile Hilton Incident by Tarik Saleh, Smuggling Hendrix by Marios Piperides, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie by John Cassavetes, In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-wai, La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz, Irréversible by Gaspar Noé, The American Friend by Wim Wenders, The Pianist by Roman Polanski, The Pope of Greenwich Village by Stuart Rosenberg, Pineapple Express by David Gordon Green” - KEVIN LOMBARDO

"Not fresh but Solaris by Andrej Tarkovskij, Heart of Glass by Werner Herzog, La Luna by Bernando Bertolucci” - HANS ANDERSSON

Let the Right One In, The Sisters Brothers, There Will Be Blood, Mid90s, Good Time, Eighth Grade, Das Leben Der Anderen, Twin Peaks, The Wild Blue Yonder, The Seventh Seal, Roma” - ROOSJE VAN DONSELAAR

"I was just talking about a movie I loved as a kid that I want to see again.The movie is called Little Buddha, and it's about a boy that is the reincarnation of a Buddhist teacher. I remember it being magical. I also just watched the movie Dolor y Gloria by Almodovar, I loved it and my father even cried a little! I also really have to add the film Macario by my grandfather, Roberto Gavaldon. It’s a beautiful and classic Mexican film - it is a must see!” - EMMA GAVALDON VAN LEEUWEN BOOMKAMP

"The Lobster by Yorgos Lanthimos, The Killing of a Sacred Deer by Yorgos Lanthimos, Call Me by Your Name by Luca Guadagnino” - CAMILLA FERRARI

"Porco Rosso is one of my favourite movies of all time. Its a Studio Ghibli production and involves a sea plane pilot who also happens to be a pig. It's set in The Adriatic Sea and features a beautiful jazz piano soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi (the regular composer for Ghibli). His stuff is all great and he really brings the fantastic imagery to life.
In general I thoroughly recommend all Ghibli movies as there is something magical about them.
Other films for everyone (well maybe not children...) Amélie, True Romance, Leon: The Professional, Blade Runner” - ASTA HIROKI



The Handmaid's Tale, Peaky Blinders, Dark, Chernobyl, When They See Us” - CAMILLA FERRARI

“I'm sorry I have nothing to say about TV. I just watch sometimes Will Ferrell on YouTube and that's it. Even if Bouroullec's brother have made a nice one. I'm allergic on TV.” - JULIEN MIGNOT

I've always liked detective novels and stories and I'm fascinated by true crime documentaries and dramatisations of true crime. Recently I've been delving into Netflix and a show called The Confession Tapes about false confessions relating to crimes and investigating why the accused may have made these admissions where in some cases the evidence to back it up is thin. Also I've just finished Narcos Mexico which was very enjoyable.” - ASTA HIROKI

Dark, Millenium, Blackfish and Kill Bill, not that they are all new, but they all are brilliant in their own different way.” - EMILIE BOBEK

"Twin Peaks (all time favorite). My latest obsession: Govert naar de grenzen van het heelal (6 episodes by Govert Schilling about the different aspects of the creation of our planetary system)” - ROOSJE VAN DONSELAAR

“It's not frequent. But when the opportunity presents itself, I happily embrace: Arrested Development, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Frasier, Seinfeld, Stranger Things, Weeds
When self discipline goes out the window: Game of Thrones, Outlander” - MANDY GRAHAM

"Fleabag, Escape at Dannemora” - ED KASHI

"Stranger Things and Marie Kondo at the moment are great.” - YOUNG FRANCO

Dark on Netflix - it’s this weird sci-fi time travel show in German that views the past as something that isn’t fixed and is constantly evolving, and I think I gravitate towards it because I think about the intersection of past, present and future a lot in my work. Gardeners World on BBC - Monty Don is so charming and the British just care so much more about gardening and I’m pretty much an old man. Fleabag - The entire cast is stellar. Olivia Colman says the nastiest things with a sense of the utmost generosity.” - NICK SPAIN

"Catch-22 and Atlanta on Hulu. The Office on Netflix. Barry on HBO.” - KEVIN LOMBARDO

"It’s hard not to mention Chernobyl, which I though was super good. Johan Renck is one of the few Swedish director born in the 90s music video scene that still seems to want to move forward always exploring new things in films every time he does something new.
The new Gomorra season just premiered this spring. This Italian mob series is one of the best.” - MATS UDD



“I admire and am inspired by my close friends who are all in the industry of music, film, and fashion. Gus (@gusdapperton), Patrick (@packdrawn), Alex (@_brthr_), Hayes (@thesethingstaketimerecs), Omar (@omar.apollo), Tom (@tomas__tomas), Elijah (@elijahbanksy), Hank (@hqnkkorsan), Austin (@austinhunkins), Katie (@k80schmid) way more people to mention but check out their stuff, its great.” - KEVIN LOMBARDO

“I love the work of so many people! The first artist that come to mind is @louisedespont , she makes beautiful drawings and bamboo sculptures.” - EMMA GAVALDON VAN LEEUWEN BOOMKAMP

"Tove Storch, FOS, Olafur Eliasson, Jeppe Hein, Elmgreen & Dragset, Tal R, Sarah Sze, Tony Cragg, Gabriel Orozco and Rose Eken.” - EMILIE BOBEK

"At least the most inspiring and unique artist right now is the Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, The Favourite, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Dogtooth and The Lobster. Wow!” - MATS UDD

There are loads of artists I admire at the moment. Close to home (Brighton) there is Hidden Orchestra and one of their component parts Poppy Ackroyd. Their stuff is mostly a really beautiful blend of organic orchestral instruments with more electronic elements and the results are stunning. Badbadnotgood and Khruangbin are also two bands who are currently both very high on my 'admiration' list as I love their musicianship and soulful compositions. They are both really versatile acts and always produce high quality material.
Visually I love Tyler Evin who is an artist I discovered recently from the US, he paints exclusively with oils but uses a variety of surfaces and often depicts glitched imagery. I really like how he is producing glitch art but rather than opting for digital methods through traditional mediums and tools instead. His work is really great and I'm lucky enough to have managed to use a piece of his called 'Delete' as the cover to my last single Hiding Place (feat. Lylli). Hopefully I'll be able to do so again in the future!” - ASTA HIROKI

"My friends Cosmo's Midnight. They are very inspiring and I look up to them alot.” - YOUNG FRANCO

"Nicolas Party, Olafur Eliasson, Bouroullec, Erwin Wurm” - ADRIEN ROVERO

"I really admire my friend’s gallery Larrie NYC because it reps some really great artists questioning existing social dogma in a way that makes you squirm and feel uncomfortable on the inside - Curtis Santiago, Ilana Harris-Babou are two of them. William Farr, Martine Syms, Rashid Johnson, and Pierre Yovanovitch come to mind as well. I also liked a lot of the dead ones.” - NICK SPAIN


“Probably Edouard Taufenbach because we are close friends. But I have to confess, Richard Serra is talking to my soul. A piece of still in a room and your entire body is vibrating. You became a part of this piece. It contents small atoms of elements and the entire universe in the same space. That something I can feel with Soulages too.” - JULIEN MIGNOT

"Gueorgui Pinkhassov” - CAMILLA FERRARI

"Julian Schnabel, Julian Schnabel, Julian Schnabel
The others: Candida Höfer, Jasper Carlberg, John Pawson, Olivier Dwek, Joseph Dirand, Nicolas Schuybroek, Vincent Van Duysen, Gilles & Boissier” - MANDY GRAHAM

"FOS, Richard Hughes, Franz West, Frantisek Skála, Rinus van der Velde, Germaine Kruip, Eberhard Havekost, Luc Tuymans, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Leon Adriaans” - ROOSJE VAN DONSELAAR



@pinkhassov, @johnstanmeyer, @sarkerprotick, @salvatorevitale_, @valeria.cherchi, @benedettacasagrande, @how_fascinating, @sashafoto, @dguttenfelder” - CAMILLA FERRARI

"I just found the account of @julia__heuer, she makes beautiful clothes out of pleated textiles she makes herself. I love @thegreatwomenartists. I listen to the podcast of Seth Godin. I love old archival images - some good ones are on @publicdomainrev” - EMMA GAVALDON VAN LEEUWEN BOOMKAMP

@Galerieronmandos, @adorno.design, @objectrotterdam, @gether_contemporary, @moamamstedam, @V1gallery, @esthertielemans, @pettersenhein, @susanforsusan, @Studioolafureliasson, @jeppeheinartist, @roseeken” - EMILIE BOBEK

"@rosannajonez, @flex.mami, @markconlan, @jprgd” - YOUNG FRANCO

“Actually more than 2.000 people on Instagram. I can't detail all of them. But mostly magazines, photographers I like and inspires me, some dancers and activists also. @casadiringhiera, @neamoscou, @juliettelemontey, @shaynelaverdiere, @dimitrichamblas, @lou__escobar, blackhaus_cdr, @edouardtaufenbach, @letizialefur, @foam_magazine, @huismarseille” - JULIEN MIGNOT

"By far Top 3: @juventus, @ericfuckingandre, @kodak_shootfilm” - KEVIN LOMBARDO

"Not really a secret but the Ricky Gervais twitter account is usually on point. Code Art on Insta has some very cool pattern and glitch art bits (@random_noir, @artxcode.io, @shedrawswithcode). I dont spend a lot of time on social media unless its for work to be honest.” - ASTA HIROKI

"@conniedeluxe, @joergboner_productdesign, @richardhutten, @wsl” - ADRIEN ROVERO

"These three animators make me happy for each new post. @trentshyclaymations: one of this old school stop motion animator, doing a bunch of gore & blood animations in clay. Very fun and well made. @_estebandiacono: is a Cinema4d animator. Extremely talented. I wish I could just through money on him to do something magic. @kiyanforootan: Also a very talented 3D artist. Lots of great ideas.” - MATS UDD

"@la.lland, @alexpwhite, @ejrbarnes” - NICK SPAIN

@thrashermag, @freeskatemag, @_saintoftheday” - HANS ANDERSSON



Shelter Publications, Volkskrant, newspaper, Parool, newspaper, NOS, Dutch news site” - ROOSJE VAN DONSELAAR

This question feels like a measure of my intelligence. W Magazine, AD Magazine, Vanity Fair, Surface, Vogue Living” - MANDY GRAHAM

In terms of magazines and papers I'll mostly be reading The Guardian, Juxtapoz, Music Week, CMU and BBC news.” - ASTA HIROKI

Artweek Cph (DK), Mistermotley (NL), SightsUnseen (NY)” - EMILIE BOBEK

"New York Times, Washington Post, Economist, New Yorker, Time, National Geographic, Mother Jones, California Sunday Magazine, Harper's, The Atlantic” - ED KASHI

Viewpoint Magazine and RUM ID whenever I can get my hands on it. Old copies of World of Interiors, or old copies of any shelter magazine for that matter. Fantastic Man. T” - NICK SPAIN

“I read the New York Times and I am excited to start reading The Correspondent, a new journalism platform that starts in September.” - EMMA GAVALDON VAN LEEUWEN BOOMKAMP

Vouge Italy, but I just look at the photos. I don´t read Italian.” - HANS ANDERSSON

“As a regular press addict, I read NYTimes and Le Monde and their magazines. In France there is also Society and Vanity Fair. And a bunch of new fashion magazines for inspiration. I also read a lot online on different blogs about ecology.” - JULIEN MIGNOT

"Inventario, Intramuros” - ADRIEN ROVERO

"Dagens Nyheter, the biggest newspaper in Sweden. They have a huge section of culture, music and films everyday. My morning routine is always coffee (black of course) and the news paper.” - MATS UDD



“I live and drive in Los Angeles. Whoever invented podcasts deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. How I Built This with Guy Raz from NPR, Planet Money from NPR, Hidden Brain from NPR, Revisionist History by Malcom Gladwell, The Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Desert Island Discs from BBC Radio” - MANDY GRAHAM

"Wait Wait Don't Tell Me podcast” - ED KASHI



“Phone camera. I used to have a Fujifilm X100T, now I have a Fujifilm X-T2 with 23mm f/2 (35mm equivalent). Instagram, Adobe Lightroom, Final Cut, Filmic Pro app, Adobe Rush app, Videoleap App” - CAMILLA FERRARI

"Hands, Wooden sticks, Drill, Brushes” - ROOSJE VAN DONSELAAR

"I use Final Draft 10, Google Chrome, Keynote, and iTunes... sometimes Final Cut Pro if I want to start editing some footage together but I have a couple editors I work with who are WAY better than me in every possible way... S/O LUCA REPOLA & CHIAO CHEN.” - KEVIN LOMBARDO

“You gonna be disappointed, I only use a Leica and that's it. A Leica, 50mm or 21mm and I can do everything.” - JULIEN MIGNOT

"Being a furniture designer, I'm embarrassed to not list a set of actual tools. Outside of my creative brain, here are the essentials: Tape measures (lots of them). Either God has a sense of humor or a project much larger than mine. Drafting board, triangular scale, pencil etc. Sharpie fine point pens. Bialetti stove top coffee maker” - MANDY GRAHAM

"I use anything I can! I trained in Britannia Row recording studios in Islington, London which used to be owned by Pink Floyd and was used to record 'Animals' and some of 'The Wall'. I'm equally happy behind a large mixing console or making lofi recordings from a hand held recorder and loading them into a sampler. Tools are important but they're just a means to an end, and dependent on what that end is I'll use different gear and techniques.” - ASTA HIROKI

My brain for the ideas and Keynote to put it down for everyone else to see them.” - MATS UDD

"Canon cameras for both stills and video, Fuji Cameras, Apple computers, iPad, iPhone, Photoshop, Lightroom and the Adobe CC Suite” - ED KASHI

"Lots of tape measures, spades, pruners, pencils, paper. Beginning to play with pastels. Bubblegum.” - NICK SPAIN

"My main tools are my hands! I am happy to have found baseball batting gloves leave enough sense of touch to be able to work with macrame. I love my super sharp textile scissors.
I also use pens, paint brushes, my computer and my phone.” - EMMA GAVALDON VAN LEEUWEN BOOMKAMP

"Ableton and a midi Keyboard” - YOUNG FRANCO

"Homemade tools are something I like to make before I start making my work. It fulfils the task precisely and makes a more finished result.” - EMILIE BOBEK

"Computer. Basic software for 2d and 3d. I love spending time in my workshop with my cnc and regular tools” - ADRIEN ROVERO



Santa Maria Novella is a pharmacy and my second home. The list of essentials is long. Starting with the potpourri.
My kitchen: Michel Bras knives, Mauviel copper and Max Lamb crockery.
My home: William Katavolos for sitting and taxidermy for the walls.
My wardrobe: I own one handbag. And on its last day I buy the same all over again, Givenchy (Pandora). A baseball cap (always). Every wardrobe worth owning requires a classic trench coat, Chuck Taylor high tops and a forever timepiece.” - MANDY GRAHAM

“I think for me my most important tools are my hands. They are also the body part that I see daily during work, therefore make them look representable with beautiful rings that remind me of specific moments or people in my life. The rings are made from Danish jewellery designers such as Trine Tuxen, Tina Hjelm and Maria Black” - EMILIE BOBEK

"Top 4: Tea Tree Oil Mint Toothpicks, AirPods, Handball (Small one, to play at the courts in Seward Park, NYC), Meyer's Candle” - KEVIN LOMBARDO

“I use an old camera, an old car, maybe I'm too old for what is new. I love my Leica camera, I can't ride anything else than my Jaguar XJS and if I was not writing an interview on my keyboard, I'll answer you with a Cross pen. In my pocket, there is an S.T. Dupont. All of this is timeless and it's not gadgets.” - JULIEN MIGNOT

"Airpods (Lol), Bose Headphones for flying, Antihistamines, My laptop, Candles” - YOUNG FRANCO

"Lately I have been carrying a notebook and a book for drawings I feel it's more organized than in an all in one notebook. A good pen is a must! I love my little metal hairclip from COS, my hand cream and my super sharp textile scissors. And I have a sweet tooth so I love to carry along some candy.” - EMMA GAVALDON VAN LEEUWEN BOOMKAMP

"Bose noise reduction headphones” - ADRIEN ROVERO

"When it comes to sunglasses, I just got a new pair from Chimi which I super like. I also got my Yashica Samurai X3.0 to work so let’s make this summer an analogue summer. The Samurai looks has a futuristic and bizarre 80s design and takes half frame photos. It also has a lovely 25–75 mm zoom lens. If you can zoom, ZOOM!” - MATS UDD

"Gap t-shirts, Scarpa sneakers/shoes, Peepers reading glasses” - ED KASHI

"My antique jewelry, collected throughout the years, MAC satin lipstick , Aesop Blood orange massage oil, Fiskars scissors, Needle and thread” - ROOSJE VAN DONSELAAR

"I always have 7 rings on my fingers that I never take off. They were 9, but two broke. And whenever I can, I wear long necklaces.
AirPods, pepper spray and a power bank are always in my bag. Powerbank is a must for me, I have several but right now my favorite is by Anker.
I love tote bags, specifically the ones from Micamera Bookstore in Milan.” - CAMILLA FERRARI

"My perfumes. I often carry around a small box of samples or decants in my pocket.” - HANS ANDERSSON

My Nikon D3500 DSLR camera is a big source of joy for me these days, as is my Tachyons+ analogue video glitching gear I got not too long back. Playing around with both is super fun can really get my creative juices flowing. I like to travel around and the camera is pretty lightweight and very decent for the price so it comes with me most places on the off chance I'll see something interesting.” - ASTA HIROKI

"The transition sunglass lenses I just got in my new Lesca glasses have been a real game changer for me.” - NICK SPAIN