2019 May

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May’s favorite finds


“Today, in Canada, I ventured into a second hand bookstore and discovered The Three Incestuous Sisters by Audrey Niffenegger and was blown away by the simplicity of the text and the complexity of the concepts. My favourite books of all time include Brian Catling's Vorrh series, W.G. Sebald's The Rings of Saturn, Lemony Snicket's A series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter and Patrick Suskind's Perfume - The Story of a Murderer.” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI

Period Power by Masie Hill is the recent discovery - it's amazing how much about the female body I was not aware of.
My desert island books - The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Squirrel Pie by Elisabeth Luard.” - OLIA HERCULES

“The latest book I red was Earth's Restless Surface by Deirdre Janson-Smith. I bought it at the Natural History Museum in London after visiting their exhibition Earth's treasury 2018 which was great.” - KAJSA MELCHIOR

The last book I read was Veronica by Mary Gaitskill. She is one of my favorite writers, I love her short story collection Bad Behavior. I became obsessed with Carmen Maria Machado a few years ago after reading Her Body and Other Parties, the stories are sensual and strange they feel like waking up from a dream. Some of my other favorite writers are Clarice Lispector, Anne Carsen, Raymond Carver, Denis Johnson. I tend to be drawn to women writers, but one of my favorite books of all time is Fat City by Leonard Gardner, a pretty masculine book about two young boxers.” - JOHANNA STICKLAND

I haven't finished it though, the book I've read recently is Becoming by Michelle Obama. There is another book that I really like called The Shack by William P. Young.” - MS MAURICE


My favourite books of all time are the Harry Potter series. I got into them around the time Chamber of Secrets came out and I grew up with them and the films. I regularly still listen to the audiobooks read by Stephen Fry. I'm actually half way through Deathly Hallows again at the moment. I'm a massive Potter nerd.
I also loved the Philip Pullman His Dark Materials books growing up and loved the new Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage. My first daughter is actually named Lyra after the awesome hero from these books.” - OWEN DAVEY

Right now I am reading The Three-Body Problem from Cixin Liu and Homos Deus from Noah Harari. My all time favorite is definetely Hyperion from Dan Simmons.” - TOBIAS KROEGER

I’m about to be a dad so I’m reading a lot of ‘you are about to become a dad’ books. Unless you too are about to become a dad, I don’t think they will be much interest to you. 
If I’m being honest, most of the books I read are written by Stephen King. Occasionally I’ll pick up a more sophisticated book but I generally put it down after a few pages and pick up whichever King book I’m in the middle of reading. I’ve just got to know, is that monster is gonna eat someone or what?” - ELLIS ROSEN

“I do not have favorites as there are too many good books out there to only narrow it down to one. I am currently reading ‘Utopia for Realists’ by Rutger Bregman and have to finish ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari. “ - DINO KUZNIK



“Before I fall asleep I read the subreddit r/unresolvedmysteries, which can sometimes give me strange dreams. I'd like to say I visit art/culture websites but I don't really. I look at Bon Appétit Magazine website for recipe inspiration because I cook a lot.” - JOHANNA STICKLAND

“I get all my cartooning industry news from Michael Maslin’s blog Inkspill. I procrastinate by watching YouTube, reading The New Yorker, scrolling mindlessly through Facebook in a half-daze and clicking on the first click bait-y thing appears on Facebook. Like, what does my dog really think about me? At one point I snap out of it and return to work feeling deeply ashamed.” - ELLIS ROSEN

“YouTube, The Sartorialist, Pornhub, Synthtopia, Engadget, Cointelegraph” - VRITRA

In Search of Lost Thyme by Thomas Eagle, Eat The Seasons” - OLIA HERCULES

“I've recently been involved in The John Blanke Project, and it's a website that is exploring a guy, a Black Tudor called John Blanke.
Then there’s any music blogs as well, like okayafrica. I kind of look through all the typical ones from time to time, like Guardian. There's a great website as well, which doesn't really have anything to do with music but it's just a project I'm quite interested in called Abuko Youth Association. “ - MS MAURICE

“I visit Intercept and Quartz a lot as I like to read their articles. Otherwise I would say I do watch a lot of documentary content or stuff like that on YouTube or go through other photographers websites or read artist statements from series and try to learn from that.” - DINO KUZNIK

Brain Pickings and Reddit” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI



“Instagram and Twitter because I have to. I watch a lot of daily news type cryptocurrency and finance shit on YouTube, and iMessage. I don’t really play games or anything else on my phone.” - VRITRA

Runkeeper! I love running. - KAJSA MELCHIOR

Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp, definitely my Gmail account. Prime video, because I do like to download videos and watch videos on the way, on the road when I'm travelling. And Spotify, because I sometimes listen to podcasts on Spotify.” - MS MAURICE

I look through Instagram a lot, because I mostly only follow illustrators and I just love illustration. I also play a fair amount of Two Dots, because I've been addicted to the game since they sent me the game tester when I first started working with them 5 years ago. Other than that, it's usually Netflix or Now TV.” - OWEN DAVEY

“Speaking of feeling deeply ashamed, I’m on Instagram constantly and I really should stop. I won’t, of course. I tell myself it’s part of my job, but is it? I don’t know. Possibly. I go on the news app a lot too, that makes me depressed in a different way. I swear I’m not usually this glum.” - ELLIS ROSEN

“Instagram - I like to share my work there, find inspiration and collect images, watch funny videos, keep in touch with friends. It can be a bit of a rabbit hole, so I try to use it more surface level and not let it lead me to compare and despair. I use Spotify to listen to podcasts and painting playlists.” - JOHANNA STICKLAND

Later, Adobe Capture, Lightroom, Dropbox, Spotify, SoundCloud, One Note... all for workflow” - TOBIAS KROEGER

Instagram - for art history research and marketing, Pinterest - aesthetic research, Spotify - for podcasts during work :)” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI

Instagram, Robinhood, Google Maps, Gmail. I market my photography on Instagram, I invest on Robinhood, I scout and tag locations on Google Maps and I respond to a ton of emails in the Gmail app on the go.” - DINO KUZNIK

Instagram and Foodim - to keep in touch with like-minded people and for work” - OLIA HERCULES





Memoirs by N01ses, Tequila Mockingbird by Tequila Mockingbird, Voodoo by D’Angelo, Room On Fire by The Strokes, A Crow Left Of The Murder by Incubus, Aha Shake, Heartbreak by Kings of Leon, Femme by Vritra, Burd by Wilma Vritra, The Polkatdotted Stripe by Jaspects” - VRITRA

Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition/Tchiakovsky's Album for the young by concert pianist Simon Tedeschi (disclosure: my husband :), Complete Works for solo piano (Bertrand Chamayou) by Ravel, In Rainbows by Radiohead, Solipsism by Joep Beving” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI

At the moment I have been listening to Herbie Hancock's Sunlight album.
Some other great albums: Now by Patrice Rushen, When I Get Home by Solange, A Brazilian Love Affair by George Duke, No Doubt by Braxton Cook
Recently I've been re-listening to Ambrose Akinmusire, The Imagined Saviour Is Far Easier To Paint. I listen to a lot of Prince - Purple Rain.” - MS MAURICE

Na Mezhi by Dakhabrakha, Trust in The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery by The Comet is Coming, Ya Nass by Yasmine Hamdan, Party Girl by Michelle Gurevich, Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea by PJ Harvey” - OLIA HERCULES


Out of The Dark Room by Max Richter, Immigrance by Snarky Puppy, Blade Runner by Vangelis, Her (movie soundtrack) by Arcade Fire” - KAJSA MELCHIOR

These are all awesome in my opinion. Many have probably been heard by most people but if not, give them a listen
Link Wray by Link Wray, D by White Denim, The Universe Smiles Upon You by Khruangbin, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit by Courtney Barnett, Graceland by Paul Simon, Funeral by Arcade Fire, For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver” - OWEN DAVEY

Voodoo by D'Angelo is a good one. And my husbands - a musician/composer for movies - his new album Red Rice.” - JOHANNA STICKLAND

3-D The Catalogue by Kraftwerk, Iteration by Com Truise, Orbit Ceremony 77 by Bernard Fevre, OutRun by Kavinsky” - TOBIAS KROEGER



Lars and the Real Girl - the synopsis of this movie looks pretty weird, but it's a really beautiful and strangely emotional movie. Chef - proper good feel good movie. Directed by the superb Jon Favreau, who also gifted us Iron Man (which changed superhero movies forever) and Elf (the best Christmas movie in my opinion). A Very Long Engagement - The director, Jeunet is better known for Amelie (which I also love) but this one is great. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Such a genius when it comes to visualising dreams (see also Science of Sleep for this).
Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World directed by Edgar Wright are so good for stylised cuts and nerdy in-jokes and foreshadowing and things. Always new stuff to spot on every rewatch. I know that Wes Anderson splits opinion but I love his visuals and his movies.. Christopher Nolan's blockbusters are awesome and clever (see both Memento and Inception)” - OWEN DAVEY

“Kubrick, Coppola, Scorsese, Kurosawa and Nolan ... that's for the start. Everything they made is essential viewing imo. I did recently watch You Were Never Really Here by Lynne Ramsey which had a huge impact on me. I was thinking about it for sometime after the viewing ... it's a very disturbing film, but I think it's amazing.” - DINO KUZNIK

The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest, Lost in Translation, The Royal Tenenbaums, Princess Mononoke, I am Sam“ - VRITRA

“I love the documentary Crumb, it's one of my favorites. Some other films that come to mind that I like are Don't Look Now, Fish Tank, Mandy, The Skin I Live In, Happiness, My Sassy Girl, Amores Perros, Showgirls. I saw Capernaum recently and it was pretty mind blowing.” - JOHANNA STICKLAND

Roma by Alfonso Cuarón was beautiful. I saw it with my dad who grew up in Mexico City which chipped in to a strong experience as well. I think everyone should see Django Unchained by Tarantino. I think watching that was one of my strongest film experiences. Also I really like Big Fish by Tim Burton, I am love by Luca Guadagnino and Mystic River by Clint Eastwood. And Paddington! by Paul King.” - KAJSA MELCHIOR

2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Akira, Jodorowsky's Dune, Stalker” - TOBIAS KROEGER

Alice by Jan Svankmajer (1988), Dead Slow Ahead by Mauro Herce (2015), Beyond The Black Rainbow by Panos Cosmatos (2010), Ida by Pavel Pawlikowski (2013)” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI

“I recently watched Avengers: The Endgame. I think that was okay. It's not in 'must see' pot, but if you're really into Avengers or like Marvel, I would suggest watching that. A film that I really liked actually, that I watched recently is Us.
Sorry To Bother You came out last year, and it's actually quite a good film, too.” - MS MAURICE

Fresh finds: Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives, Free Solo by E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin
Everyone should watch: Withnail And I by Bruce Robinson, The Big Lebowski by Joel and Ethan Coen, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri by Martin McDonagh, Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky” - OLIA HERCULES

“I love David Cronenberg, Paul Verhoven, Frank Oz. Pretty much any movie that has wild animatronics or crazy makeup. It’s fun. I guess if I had to pick one of each from those directors it would be The Fly, Total Recall and Little Shop of Horrors. That last one has singing.” - ELLIS ROSEN



“I’ve literally only been watching My Little Pony and Trailer Park Boys. And the occasional PAQ binge on YouTube” - VRITRA

Love Death and Robots, Twin Peaks , Inside No 9, Psychoville, Carnivàle, The Good Place” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI

“I do not watch TV a lot. I do occasionally watch a documentary and the best one I recently watched was Icarus. I also love animation, so I recently watched the Netflix original Love, Death and Robots and really liked it. Oh, and some of my favorite shows are It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Rick and Morty ... just brilliant writing in both.” - DINO KUZNIK

“Amazon’s The Tick is wonderful. It has a really unique tone and a lot of heart. From start to finish I have a huge grin on while watching it. 
Also: Killing Eve, The Good Place, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Drunk History.” - ELLIS ROSEN

“Have just smashed through Dead to Me and Sex Education (both very good). Currently watching The Mist which is good (I love post-apocalyptic vibes in general). I am very keen to start watching Chernobyl.
The most favourite series watched recently - Stranger Things” - OLIA HERCULES

“Best TV Show at the moment - I'm bingeing on the Black-ish. I'm also going to start bingeing again on Game of Thrones. I'm rewatching all the other series, because I just want to make sure I'm really locked in. Another things I like to watch are How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix and Suits. Suits is so great.
Another good ones are The Last Kingdom and Peaky Blinders.” - MS MAURICE

“I love a good show. The classics like Sopranos and The Wire of course. Also Fleabag, Killing Eve, 30 Rock, Forensic Files, Peep Show, Toast of London, 90 Day Fiance.” - JOHANNA STICKLAND

I don't have TV but the last series I really admire was Stranger Things.” - TOBIAS KROEGER

Game of Thrones obviously. I'm enjoying Better Call Saul. Stranger Things is one of the best shows to come out in recent years. Fargo. True Detective (Seasons 1 and 3. 2 didn't work for me). Boardwalk Empire. The Wire!
We've just blitzed through both seasons of Fleabag and it's one of the best shows I've seen in years! Hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure.” - OWEN DAVEY



“All of my peers! Everyone at the New Yorker, and other fellow cartoonists. It’s a crazy job and everyone doing it deserves a lot of credit. Follow cartoonists! Or don’t. I’m not your mother.” - ELLIS ROSEN

“I really appreciate the work by Mathieu Lehanneur.” - KAJSA MELCHIOR

“I can name a few artists I really like: Todd Hido, Vivian Sassen, Stephen Shore, Martin Parr, Edward Hopper, David Hockney, James Turrell, a bunch of Magnum Photographers and I could go on for a while :)” - DINO KUZNIK

Paula Rego, Alex Kanevsky, Phil Hale, Ben Quilty, Nicholas Harding, Robert Hannaford, Nick Alm” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI

I love Keith Negley's work, especially his picture books. Jon Klassen, Rick Berkelmans (Hedof), Lauren Humphrey, Bjorn Rune Lie (pretty much anybody else who has done the Green Man Festival identity artwork), Rob Hodgson, Beatrice Alemagna” - OWEN DAVEY

Tobias Rehberger, Franz Ackermann, Frank Nitsche, David Schnell, Thomas Scheibitz” - TOBIAS KROEGER

Music-wise, I feel like I really, really, really like Kamasi Washington and I absolutely enjoy what he does. I'm really into, also, Ambrose Akinmusire. I think he's also great and they just are both lovely people as well.
Solange, Nubya Garcia, I'm in love with Ebo Taylor, SZA, Chaka Khan (she's a hero), Patrice Rushen.” - MS MAURICE

Toyin Ojih Odutola, Denis Sarazhin” - OLIA HERCULES

Huma Bhabha - her sculptures really move me. I'm inspired by the paintings of Genieve Figgis, they are funny and magical at the same time, which is hard to do. I love Marilyn Minter.” - JOHANNA STICKLAND

The Internet, Wilma Archer, Rico Nasty, Machinedrum, Smino, N01ses, Laneo, KAG, Ciarra, Tara, Evan Tan, James Pants
NRK: Tyler Major, Pyramid Murdock, Andre McCloud, Jay Cue, @sithmindtricks” - VRITRA



@graffuturism, @killianeng, @kraftwerkofficial, @kavinsky, @heavymetal, @waxworkrecords, @mondonews, @synthwave1989, @scifi_art, @retroscifiart” - TOBIAS KROEGER

Tracee Ross (Diana Ross's daughter, I really dig her), Beyoncé (I love her, she's great), Paola Mathe (She's an Instagram blogger), Yvonne Orji (She's incredible), Beleaf In Fatherhood (I'm a big follower of his. I just love what he stands for.)” - MS MAURICE

@seldonenko, @rachelaliceroddy, @elenaheatherwick, @experienceukraine, @torontoinkcompany, @joewoodhouse” - OLIA HERCULES

@mathieulehanneur, @paulnicklen, @natgeo, @akila_berjaoui, @stevenhaulenbeek” - KAJSA MELCHIOR

There are too many to name, and I would feel very guilty if I left anyone out, so this is my suggestion: First, follow The New Yorker Cartoons account. Then, see who they follow and follow of those great people. They are all hilarious and worth following.” - ELLIS ROSEN

@mr.bacchus, @brettgorvy, @vangoghdetails, @artpartner, @canvas.tube, @painterspaintingpaintings, @oldbooklibrarian” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI

@houseoftheodora, @jerrysaltz” - JOHANNA STICKLAND

@codycobb, @itsreuben, @arnaudmontagard, @samyoukilis, @anjaslibar” - DINO KUZNIK



The Noble Rot, The New Scientist, The Week, National Geographic Magazine, The Guardian Weekend, The Observer Food Monthly” - OLIA HERCULES

British Journal of Photography, National Geographic Magazine, The New Yorker” - DINO KUZNIK

For my artwork I just collect some magazines like the Evening Standard Magazine. There's also The Stylist, I normally pick up from the station. Only because I like to collect pictures/images, references in fashion.” - MS MAURICE

The New Yorker, MAD, Paris Review, American Bystander, New York Times, Washington Post” - ELLIS ROSEN

Paris Review, Vogue, Frankie” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI



“Finally, my chance to be everyone's favorite person: The guy who doesn't shut up about podcasts. I really really enjoy the following:

Reply All: It's about the internet. Yes, Yes, No is an amazing segment they do, in which they take a tweet that's so embedded with internet culture that it seems impossible to decipher, and then decipher it. It's hilarious and revels a lot of about how people communicate.

Decoder Ring is a great show on Slate that focuses on various topics that exist on the edges of culture. Subjects include, The Laugh Track, Scary Clowns and Truck Nutz. The Truck Nutz episode is actually amazing, there's so much to unpack.

Since I brought up Slate, I would mention that all of their shows are great, the Culture Gabfest and Political Gabfest, The Gist, and Trumpcast are some of my favorites. I suggest becoming a Slate Plus member! It's very worth it!

Is There Something in This?  is a great podcast about coming up with cartoon ideas. Jason Chatfield and Scott Dooley have great banter, and its fun to listen to their process.

I could go on and on, so I will! These are all in my feed and I listen to weekly:
The Daily
Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!
Still Processing
Blank Check with Griffin and David (the best podcast about film IMO)
The New Yorker Radio Hour
Judge John Hodgman

OK, I think you have had enough!

Wait! also My Brother, My Brother and Me!

Now you can go.” - ELLIS ROSEN

Radiolab, Nocturne, Stuff You Missed In History Class, The Moth” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI

The Hot Mess Comedy Hour” - JOHANNA STICKLAND

Stuff you should know, Philosophize this, 99% Invisible, Ted Radio Hour, Art Curious” - DINO KUZNIK

Decomposed, BBC History Extra, The Splendid Table, A Small Voice, The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson” - OLIA HERCULES



“Laptop, Ableton Live, Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Short-Scale Bass Guitar  Metallic Purple, Elektron Digitone, Microphone, My Voices.” - VRITRA

“A lot of tools. But if we are talking about gear for photography, then my most used cameras are Nikon D850 and Pentax 67II.” - DINO KUZNIK

I use a program called Manga Studio, which is now called Clip Studio. There’s a tool on it called a perspective grid. You make you’re own perspective grid, and your lines automatically snap into place. It’s amazing. I also recommend digital brushes from Frenden.” - ELLIS ROSEN

I've got my trumpet, my flugelhorn and a standard SM57 microphone, that you can use for everything. I use GarageBand a lot to track out music and I'm not actually using Logic at the moment.” - MS MAURICE

Sketchbook and iPad, Acrylics, Oil and Spraypaint, Photoshop and Illustrator and many more. Everything not reach the goal.” - TOBIAS KROEGER

Knives, Rolling Pin, Microplane” - OLIA HERCULES

Paintbrushes, pallet knives, custom easel, oil paints, acrylic paints, matte acrylic fluid, ink, gesso, charcoal, photoshop, plaster” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI

“I also use Autocad alot for drawings, Rhino for 3D modeling, V-ray to render and of course the Adobe family Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.” - KAJSA MELCHIOR

“My laptop is old and great but on its last legs. So I use that, I always pray that it turns on. I have Photoshop which I enjoy playing around with.” - JOHANNA STICKLAND

I'm a Photoshop man. I use Illustrator to help me with some shapes but I've been using Photoshop for around 17 years, so it's like second nature to me. Then it's just a pencil and paper.” - OWEN DAVEY



Neo Geo Pocket Color, Cybiko (original, not extreme), Elektron Digitone, Nintendo Switch (favorite game system for the time being)” - VRITRA

I'm in love with my phone. Actually no, I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. I have a Bose Bluetooth speaker that I use on a regular. I also have this handheld brush/hairdryer, I love to use. My Mac. I have three cameras, but two that I use. So I've got a Canon SLR camera, I think it's a 600D. Then I've got an Olympus AF10 phone camera, that I can use as well. I also like my suitcase because it is quite efficient in terms of how I pack it, if that makes sense.” - MS MAURICE

“Iphone, Macbook air, Noise cancelling headphones” - LORIBELLE SPIROVSKI

I am a paintbrush and acrylic colors nerd.” - TOBIAS KROEGER

I've got a little collection of Bose stuff that I love. I've had my OE2 headphones for around 7 years now and they're still ace. I love good warm bass-y audio. There's a mechanical pencil I love (Pentel Graphgear 1000 Draughting Pencil, 0.5 mm) and have a couple of them that I use all the time. I also have the most beautiful Miles Henderson Smith nylon string acoustic guitar that was a gift from all my family for my 30th birthday. It's also pretty cool that after I got it, I found out that he's based in Falmouth (where I went to uni) and he set up there in 2009 (the year I graduated).” - OWEN DAVEY

“iPhone and lightmeter” - DINO KUZNIK

Do my glasses count? I can’t see without them. Also glasses cleaner. Nothing like a nice pair of clean glasses. 
I can’t think of anything non-glasses related. Sunglasses? Damn it, no.” - ELLIS ROSEN

Bose wireless headphones, iPhone, Coffee/spice grinder” - OLIA HERCULES