Emma Gavaldon van Leeuwen Boomkamp

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Emma Gavaldon van Leeuwen Boomkamp (1989), designer from Amsterdam currently lives and works in Mexico City and Oaxaca.
She explores textures, colors and patterns through craft. Lately she has worked with handblown glass, handwoven rugs, macrame and sisal.

What was your latest book discovery? What are your favorite books of all time?

I am at a moment where I am reading many books at the same time. I just started reading a novel I got as a gift from one of my dearest friends, the book is called The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. I am reading an amazing book about the history of Amsterdam. The book is called Amsterdam, it is written by Russell Shorto.
I am also reading Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith, it's about the connection between psychology and chakras. Two of my all time favorites are, Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins and Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse.

Most visited blogs, websites? : 

One of my favorite websites has to be Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a good place to get lost in strange facts. And I love looking up facts. The other day I was eating an artichoke and I wondered where it's from. Of course Wikipedia knows, artichokes are originally from Africa.

What apps do you use the most and why?

Instagram and Spotify are my favs. Love visuals and love music.

Whats currently on your playlist?

Here some of my favorites for all kinds of moods:

Dance PM by Hiroshi Yoshimura
Alegria by Elia y Elizabeth
Tadow by Masego & FJK
The Journey by Tom Misch
Mi Swing As Tropical by Nickodemus, Quantic and Tempo
El Ladron by La Sonora Santanera
Some Things by Jesse Koolhaas
All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix
People Everyday by Arrested Development
September by Earth Wind & Fire
Santa Maria da Feira by Devendra Banhart

What records would you recommend to hear?

This month I became obsessed with Jimi Hendrix, probably my favorite is his first album Are You Experienced.

Fresh movie finds? What films do you think everybody should watch?

I was just talking about a movie I loved as a kid that I want to see again.The movie is called Little Buddha, and it's about a boy that is the reincarnation of a Buddhist teacher. I remember it being magical. I also just watched the movie Dolor y Gloria by Almodovar, I loved it and my father even cried a little! I also really have to add the film Macario by my grandfather, Roberto Gavaldon. It’s a beautiful and classic Mexican film - it is a must see!

Which artists working today do you admire most?

I love the work of so many people! The first artist that come to mind is @louisedespont , she makes beautiful drawings and bamboo sculptures.

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What are some of your tv top tips right now?

Sorry, I don't watch TV.

Who are you following?

I just found the account of @julia__heuer, she makes beautiful clothes out of pleated textiles she makes herself
I love @thegreatwomenartists
I listen to the podcast of Seth Godin
I love old archival images - some good ones are on @publicdomainrev

What tools do you use in your work?

My main tools are my hands! I am happy to have found baseball batting gloves leave enough sense of touch to be able to work with macrame. I love my super sharp textile scissors.
I also use pens, paint brushes, my computer and my phone.

What magazines / newspapers do you read regularly?

I read the New York Times and I am excited to start reading The Correspondent, a new journalism platform that starts in September.

What are your favorite gadgets?

Lately I have been carrying a notebook and a book for drawings I feel it's more organized than in an all in one notebook.
A good pen is a must!
I love my little metal hairclip from COS, my hand cream and my super sharp textile scissors.
And I have a sweet tooth so I love to carry along some candy.


Emma Gavaldon van Leeuwen Boomkamp
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Portrait image by © Gina Sangines