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Nancy Liang is a Sydney-based artist and illustrator who focuses on tales of urban landscapes, city streets and the often forgotten places of suburbia. She represents these subject matters using drawing and kraft paper cutouts arranged in the visual form of a diorama. Her practice also extends off the page from print to animation, where she enjoys creating animated scenes and looping GIFs in her spare time on her blog ‘Over The Moon’.

She also experiments with Processing and Arduino to find ways of how interactive media can be applied into her practice. She is interested in the cross between illustration and programming and how it can generate new discourse and experiences.

What was your latest book discovery? What are your favorite books of all time?

Recently I've been tackling GET.(ON).WITH.IT: ThinkerShield for Arduino quick-start guide. It's not exactly a book, but rather a fantastic guide (still involves reading). During my workshops at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney, the digital learning manager gifted me with it to encourage me to get back into coding and Arduino.
As for a favourite book, I don't particularly have one as everything can be a source of inspiration for me!

Most visited blogs, websites?

Almost everything and anything! I'll find that searching one thing always leads to another creative discovery - the internet is full of hidden gems!
But when people do ask me for sources to good creative inspiration (especially as an illustrator) I tend to recommend:
It's Nice That
Brown Paper Bag

What apps do you use the most and why?

Most likely my Gmail app. Sometimes I feel my work involves more emailing than it does creating. I do believe communication plays a huge role when making a project successful. It's always helpful to keep your clients updated.
Oh, and Google Maps! Whether it be travelling around on Street View in a different country, or addressing my horrible sense of direction when dropping by a client's studio, I always feel more grounded with it.

Whats currently on your playlist?

At the moment I'm re-listening to my agency's, The Jacky Winter Group, weekly podcast.
It give me bits of great advice I can apply in my practice, when dealing with clients but most importantly understanding the role my producers have in my work.

What records would you recommend to hear?

Coieda by Takagi Masakatsu. New Flat, Light Song, the OST from Wolf Children are some of my favourites, but anything composed by him is great!
I had his music on when I created a lot of my initial GIFs on my blog 'Over The Moon'. I personally feel it contributed to a lot of the moody atmosphere in my pieces.

Fresh movie finds? What films do you think everybody should watch?

Sadly, I don't watch a lot of movies. In light of my own practice, I do tend to stick to a lot of animated films, usually the slightly older ones from 80's and 90's because of the hand-worked aesthetic.
Kiki's Delivery Service by Hayao Miyazaki is my all time favourite - I'll love to be like Ursula and live in a quaint little cabin in the woods, paint all day and make friends with crows!

Which artists working today do you admire most?

Far too many but I love:
Illustrators: Shaun Tan and Shigeru Tamura

Artist: Thomas Spence

and more recently during my creative coding adventures: Harold Cohen, traditional painter who created AARON a program designed to produce art autonomously.

What are some of your tv top tips right now?

I don't watch a lot of TV, but I'll always have a Podcast on that's usually design or art related. Once in a while I'll listen to something outside my comfort zone ie. environmental, neurology etc. I'll often have it on in the background to keep me company as I work.

Who are you following?

Anyone and anything that inspires me to do better for the people around me, the world and myself :)

What magazines / newspapers do you read regularly?

Like books, I tend jump around a lot and don't have a particular source I commit to regularly. But I do try my best to keep updated with the news and what's happening in the art world. I receive a lot of newsletters from The Design Files, FRAME, eflux, art agenda etc.

What are the things you cannot live without?

My MacBook. My MacBook is basically an extension of me (think an extra arm), I probably won't be able to create properly without it. It’s been with me for more than 5 years and has recently gone through a big upgrade. I wasn't able to go through with replacing it because we've been through so much together and it had contributed to all of my work and successes from the beginning of my career.


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