Valentin Abad


The transformation of everyday objects and materials reigns in the practice of French artist Valentin Abad; his peculiar works aim to comment on social psychology and human behavior.
Valentin Abad was born in 1981 in Paris, after graduating and working as a photographer for many years, He started his introspective work as a necessity.

What was your latest book discovery? What are your favorite books of all time?

Art Autrement from Jan Laurens Siesling

Most visited blogs, websites? : 

Most website about constructions tips and tutorials. Diy websites also. Galeries and contemporary artists.
Information website (Liberation, Mediapart)

What apps do you use the most and why?

Bank ;-)
To update my work, to go to work, to understand the world and to know if my work works ;-)

Whats currently on your playlist?

What records would you recommend to hear?

The Wall by Pink Floyd
Songs of Leonard Cohen by Leonard Cohen
Nuit de Rêve by Scratch Massive
Varsovie by Saez
Dancehall by The Blaze
Cure by Eddy de Pretto
Sainte Victoire by Clara Luciani

Fresh movie finds? What films do you think everybody should watch?

Le Chant du Loup
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Jusqu'à la garde
Le monde est à toi
Ni juge ni soumise

Which artists working today do you admire most?

Dewar et Gicquel
Claire Tabouret
Vincent Ganivet
Raphael Zarka
Dominique Blais
Neil Beloufa
Latifa Echakhch
Vincent Mauger
Mohamed Bourouissa
Przemek Pyszczek
Charlotte Charbonnel
Simon Nicaise
Florian Mermin
this list is totally incomplete!


What are some of your tv top tips right now?

Engrenages (French tv show)
Mad Men
La Casa de Papel

Who are you following?

Le bruit de l'art
La leçon
génération XX
Nouvelle Ecole


I use accounts to have knowledge and fun.

What tools do you use in your work?

drill, sander, chain saw, grinder and a camera

What magazines / newspapers do you read regularly?


What are your favorite gadgets?

I recently bought a leatherman. Amazing, I love it. I spent my vacation using it, cutting and sculpting noses in wood.


Valentin Abad


All images by © Valentin Abad